FAB Beauty, the media devoted to professional beauty

FAB Beauty is the new online media showcasing beauty professionals. FAB Beauty takes a look at salons, setting out to discover artisans of beauty and their expertise. This platform deciphers the current trends created by professionals all over the world and highlights the men and women who transform the business every day.

Professional beauty showcased to the general public

Thanks to its trendy, visionary and entertaining outlook, FAB Beauty brings the world of professional beauty to the general public in its best light. Who are the hairstylists responsible for the famous pixie cut? Who are the nail artists behind the Instagram accounts with thousands of followers? Where did the Granny Hair trend come from? Answers to these questions can be found on this new media.

FAB Beauty approaches these current events through the use of various formats and contents, from illustrations to infographics, including videos and audio slideshows. The latest trends are scrutinized by those who created them (professionals) and also by those who interpret them, such as bloggers and influencers who are followed by thousands on social networks.

FAB Beauty: a window onto beauty from all over the world

From beauticians in Delhi to the booth renters in New York, FAB Beauty takes a look all over the world in order to better transmit the diversity and richness of beauty careers. With a global vision and with correspondants in all corners of the globe, FAB Beauty is meant for a broad, cosmopolitan readership, from London to Los Angeles to Mumbai.

An ode to beauty professionals

Hairstylists, colorists, barbers, beauticians, manicurists and nail artists; FAB Beauty pays homage to their talents, their exceptional careers, their creativities and their ingenuity. The site highlights the mastery of all these artisans, shining a light onto all these entrepreneurs that have shaken up the sector for the better.


Editor-in-chief: Daphné Segretain
Marie Tourres
Leila Jensen
Shirine Saad
Pauline Weber
Pauline Louis
Alexis Raimbault
Alexia Farry
Hannah Rosselin
Julia Osseland
Olivier Renchon