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Relaxing Pause: Head Massage At L’Atelier Blanc

March 7th 2017

Eliminating toxins, making your hair softer and, above all, treating yourself to a moment of unparalleled relaxation – these are the benefits you’ll get from the head massage given in the Parisian hair salon with an international flair, L’Atelier Blanc. FAB tested it out just to tell you all about it…

From The Color Lab To A Soft Massage

Between busy workers and the steady flow of journalists from the AFP (Agence France-Presse) in the Bourse neighborhood of Paris, there’s always a certain amount of agitation here. However, at the end of a charming Parisian cobbled courtyard, L’Atelier Blanc has found its home in this area. The stylish, cozy, lush apartment-like hair salon is bathed in immaculate white light. From one room to the next, the teams of Frédéric Mennetrier are hard at work. In the very middle of the space sits the “lab”, the nerve center of the salon, where colorists explore and develop their palette of creativity. From one end to the other, everyday clients as well as models and celebrities who come in for studio work barely cross paths. Away from the rinsing-sinks is a VIP boudoir, manicure and pedicure booths, a special area for men, a space for sculpting eyebrows, and a special booth for head massages. “Not everyone likes having their scalp touched, but I really wanted to offer a service like this one, which I just love,” says Frédéric softly and gently.

Relaxing Pause: Head Massage At L'Atelier Blanc hair salon in Paris
Photo credits: Daphné Segretain

The Virtues Of Tui Na Massage

After the shampoo, during the treatment or at the very end, clients who want to can choose to get a head massage, and can also choose how long it will last. In the expert hands of Silvio, L’Atelier Blanc’s wellness specialist, you give up your worries and desires and give yourself completely over to him. “I’ve been trained in Swedish massage on the whole body, and I wanted to develop my skills on the scalp, face, neck and shoulders with techniques of Tui Na massage,” says the deep treatment expert. One of the pillars of traditional Chinese medicine, Tui Na massage (Tui means “push” and Na means “squeeze”) provides therapeutic energy manipulation. With his fingers, palms, whole hands, wrists, forearms and elbows, Silvio focuses on acupressure points. “The head is an extremity like the feet and the hands, and you can read the body on the scalp as well,” says Frédéric, a big fan of these soft methods with their therapeutic virtues. “Here, clients may want a head massage if they’re having a migraine, so I’ll work on the Yin Tang point between the eyebrows. Or even, if I need to lighten someone’s mood, there are three acupressure points that help to treat the symptoms of unwellness and depression,” says Silvio.

Relaxing Pause: Head Massage At L'Atelier Blanc hair salon in Paris
Photo credits: Daphné Segretain

Since it’s good for the mind and therefore for the body, “massage can be beneficial for the hair if it’s repeated because massaging the scalp stimulates the production of cells, thereby eliminating the toxins present in the head and can restart the production of new cells, which will make hair softer and shinier”.