Information about cookies


What is a cookie?


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer (desktop, laptop or tablet) whenever you browse our websites, namely the website

We use these cookies mainly to make browsing our sites easier and to improve their usage and functionalities; for example, to recognize you when you log in again and to present you with content that may meet your expectations or interests.
Additionally, we also use these files to create traffic statistics for our sites and to determine how you found out about our portals.


Which cookies to we use?


Depending on the terminal you use to browse one of our sites, we implement cookies especially in order to:

•       Identify and better know you so we can offer you custom browsing.

•       Ensure browsing security and fight against fraud.

•       Offer you content matching your interests.

•       Suggest commercial offers to you with regard especially to your preferences and your last purchases.


How do I configure cookies with my internet browser?


The default settings of internet browsers are usually set to accept cookies, but you can easily change these setting by changing the settings of your browsers. However, if you choose to deactivate cookies via your browser, it is possible that will no longer benefit from all the features we offer on our sites.

For more information about cookie settings, you can visit the following sites:
For Internet Explorer™:
For Safari™:,
For Chrome™:,
For Firefox™ :,
For Opera™ :


Do we host third-party cookies?


Cookies from third-party websites may be saved onto your terminal and are aimed to customize and/or improve the content that may be offered to you when you browse. Depending on the site, several third-party cookies may therefore be saved, especially:

•       Social Network Content: we may publish content from social networks on our site. Therefore, whenever you consult such content placed on our sites, a corresponding social network cookie may be saved onto your terminal. We invite you to read the management policy for these social network cookes on the relevant websites.

•       Flash: Flash cookies are files stored by the Flash software. This software is often installed as an internet browser extension in order to view dynamic objects such as graphic animation or even video sequences. Therefore, Flash cookies may be installed if you use the Flash application. We invite you to read the management policy for Flash cookies at the website or


Do we place cookies onto third-party sites?


We may also place cookies belonging to use onto partner sites. These cookies are mainly aimed to present you with content matching your interests and to count the consultation of our content.


Which cookes are placed on our site?


The following cookies are often used on this site:



As a reminder, by deactivating cookies identified as optional via your browser, you are also deactivating all do the cookies used on this site, including those recommended for the proper functioning of our sites.