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 4.        DATABASE


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Special stipulations to certain Sections


Different Sections may be made available to the User on this site: Downloadable Content, Online Applications, User Content, Discussion Area, etc.


 a) Downloadable Content


The Publisher may make available content that you are authorized to download (“Downloadable Content”) on this site. By downloading or by using Downloadable Content, you commit to use them in compliance with these Conditions of Use.


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 b)  Online Applications


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We shall then make our best effort to correct these possible anomalies as soon as possible.


Should we provide you with a tool/application to retouch an image, you acknowledge and accept that this tool/application may only be used for purely private use compliant with its purpose.  You are not authorized to use this tool/application so as to affect the honor, reputation or even the rights of any third party. Therefore, you are not authorized to modify and/or distribute the image of a third party without prior express authorization. Finally, you are not authorized to modify and/or distribute wholly or partially content (modified or not via the tool/application) provided with the too/application (especially content representing models) without our prior express authorization.


6.         USER CONTENT


The Publisher may make available an area meant to collect User content on www.fab-beauty.com, such as text, photos, videos, etc.


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You will make it your business to lodge any complaint to third parties relating to the use of the Content in compliance with the conditions of use established by the social networks.


Without prejudice to the stipulations above, you commit to have informed and obtained agreement from all assignees of this use of the Content on third-party websites such as social networks.


Finally, you are informed and you shall accept (and confirm being informed and having obtained authorization from assignees) that the Content may be subject to so-called “viral” communication via these third-party websites and that we cannot be held responsible for any recourse of a assignee in this respect.


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We invite you to signal any User Content that appears to you as contrary to the legislation in force and/or good standards and/or principles listed in these Conditions and/or affecting the rights of those around you at the following address: contact@fab-beauty.com


7.         PERSONAL DATA


In application of Amended Law #78-17 of 6 January 1978, relating to Information and Freedoms, the information gathered (last name, first name, address, email address), if applicable in the context of using the Site, are data deemed as person in the sense of the aforementioned law. They are collected and processed with respect to the provisions of this law. For the sole purposes of this Site, they may be subject to automatized processing.


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9.           APPLICABLE LAW


These conditions are governed by French law.


Any dispute as to the application, execution and/or interpretation of this legal disclaimer shall be subject to the statutory courts in the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals of Paris, TGI of Paris, even in the event of a plurality of defenders or appeal in guarantee.


The Publisher of the Site reserves the right to undertake legal action against the persons acting in a way which may be considered as illegal or illicit or in violation of these conditions.