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Hairstyle of the Month: The Bucolic Ballet Bun by Alexandre de Paris

August 3rd 2015

The first days of summer mean sunshine and vacation, inspiring the team at the Alexandre de Paris salon to create this easy-to-do hairstyle leaving an exposed nape. A simple braided bun enhanced from nature. Here’s all you need to know.

Keep the length and enhance the nature of your hair

“This month, I advise that you keep your hair length to provide lift, then braid it and have fun!” says Cyrielle, who joined the new Alexandre de Paris Studio salon, which has been open now for a few months. Although salons that invented the “haute coiffure” concept still dominate Avenue Matignon, this other salon on Place Saint-Sulpice, in the middle of the Latin Quarter, aims to be creative and adapted to modern, dynamic women. For us, the verdict is simple: hair will dry naturally, enhanced with styling products. “My goal is above all to avoid making something too sophisticated. Then, I’ll make a bun using a simple braid and small rubber band – quick and effective,” adds the hairstylist.

The creative process: cut, dry, style

“I slightly clip the tips to re-lift the hair, then I shaped them to provide material movement. Then, I dry the hair as naturally as possible to accentuate them. No brush styling, the hair is dried with the lowest setting on the dryer. Then, we’ll lift up the roots with mousse, and lock by lock, we’ll twist it from the roots to the ends with our finger. All the hair needs to dry this way, then using your finger again, undo everything. The result is harmonious and full of movement,” instructs Cyrielle to finish this first step in enhancing nature.

Then comes styling. “I started with a really loose braid on the side, without pulling the hair tight. I braided this lock to the tip, then I took up the rest of the hair with this braid. Then, I rolled it all up like a ballet bun, and fastened the do with a few hairpins. To tame the shorter hair, I finish up with a little hairspray,” she says as she fastened the last pin.
Recommended for summer parties, this bucolic ballet bun leaves the nape of the neck uncovered and gives an affected look without spending hours in the bathroom suffocating in the heat of a hairdryer.

Photo credits ©Redken Backstages