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Nepal: Wedding Hairstyles And Other Trends

October 16th 2015

FAB Beauty’s reporter made his first stop in his trip around the world in Nepal. To the West of Kathmandu, we discover the Round Bun, the wedding’s hairstyle, and the Marigold, which is very stylish for other events.

Hairstyling is an art in Nepal

On a small street not far from the center of Pokhara, 200 km from Kathmandu, Sandhya has just opened her hairstyling salon, the “Pink Blush”. The atmosphere is girly in this little unusual salon. After having lost her job at a hotel after the earthquake in April 2015, the hairstyling enthusiast transformed this hardship into a life change. With the training in hairstyling and make-up she took in India, the 25-years-old scraped together her savings to open her own salon: the “Pink Blush“.

Nepalese women pay special attention to their hairstyles, especially for festivals and wedding. With their long, thick hair, imagination gives rise to splendid, voluminous hairstyles. Sandhya shows FAB-Beauty two very popular hairstyles in Nepal: the Round Bun and the Marigold.

The Round Bun: hip for weddings

Commonly worn by brides, this multi-story bun pulled to the back of the head is simple and elegant. Every piece of hair is carefully rolled-up and then placed where it is meant to go to give a twisted, voluminous effect. “It all depends on the quantity of hair; the more there is and the thicker it is, the more steps there will be to make this hairstyle,” specifies Sandhya with professionalism. The two front pieces are separated with a part drawn down the middle of the head, then twisted against the head, and then fixed behind the ears with a barrette. In less than 30 minutes, the nimble and experienced hairstylist creates a 4-story Round Bun she will finish off with a flower and a few pins.

The Marigold – for major events

Very popular amongst the Nepalese when they plan on attending a major event, the Marigold can be found on all women’s heads. Usually, women gather to get ready, do their hair and make-up, and of course, dress up in a colorful atmosphere. The Marigold is very trendy, and is usually worn to festivals, where you can meet anybody. A mix of two side braids, both joined in a ponytail, leaving a smooth surface in the middle, and everything is then folded inside to give a voluminous effect. The braided effect won’t come out because there are a few barrettes holding them in place.

The Marigold can be done quickly, and it’s the beauty tip for Nepalese women who want a trendy haircut that will not go unnoticed.