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Incredibeard: The Beard Sculptor

January 21st 2016

Proudly sporting his fantastic beard, 31-year-old Isaiah Webb has no shortage of humor or creativity. In San Francisco, this curious man leads a double life: employee at Sony one day and beard sculptor the next. With his unusual creations, he has become an idol to hipsters on social networks, going by the name of Incredibeard.

A beard addict

At the age of 14, Isaiah Webb entered adolescence with joy when the first hairs sprouted on his chin. It’s now been 19 years straight since he’s shaved, except for one time in 1999. A tragic year: “It was the greatest mistake I’ve ever made! To me, my beard has now become a part of me, and I would never let it go.”

When Isaiah met Angela, who was to be be his future wife, she loved playing with his fluffy, bushy chin hair. It was her who, by experimenting with brushing and straightening, ended up styling it into all sorts of surprising shapes. In September 2012, his first photo was posted to Instagram, and Incredibeard was born.

Now, Isaiah and his wife invent one new beard creation about every two weeks. He comes up with the design and serves as the model: sporting a range that might go from heart shaped, funneled, Christmas tree, bow tie, monocle or spelling out a message, while she, a professional nail artist, uses her manual dexterity to create these works of art in this brand new genre.

Incredibeard  The Beard Sculptor

Imagination, technique and patience

In order to tame Isaiah’s bushy hair, Angela may use up to half a can of hairspray in addition to a hair dryer and a crimping iron, as well as all kinds of combs and hairpins. The most delicate creations, the ones Isaiah likes the most, are those that let him spell out something with his beard.

Strangely, no bearded fan has ever asked Isaiah and Angela to create a masterpiece on himself. With reason, perhaps, when you know that one of these creations can take between 2 and 4 hours and “to tell the truth,” confides Isaiah, “it can hurt a lot. The pulling, the tugging and the weight of the hairspray can be very painful. I often lose hairs during our design phase. But as we all know, fashion is pain.”

Incredibeard : The Beard Sculptor

A beard with heart

Today, all social networks combined, Incredibeard has more than 750,000 followers from all over the world, who share their opinions and give their own ideas. “Some of the success we have seen has been a result of the trend of more men growing beards over the last 4 years. However, we believe more of the success has come from the high quality of our works of art, and also because our work is very light hearted. It’s fun for everyone,” explains Isaiah.

“When we started this we had no idea how popular it would become. We really enjoy all the attention we have received, and are excited to see where it will lead,” says Isaiah enthusiastically. Thanks to his reputation, Incredibeard now takes part in festivals and other competitions throughout the United States. He also sells some of the products he is most fond of, that help him to keep up his beautifully silky beard. Part of his sales is then donated to the World Vision charity, which works on providing drinking water to children in underprivileged countries. To date, Isaiah is thrilled to have helped 1674 children.

Incredibeard : The Beard Sculptor

One last tip, man to man

Isaiah recommends that every man to grow a beard at least once in their lives – a unique personal experience that is, for him, comparable to  pregnancy for women. According to Incredibeard, “Men have been wearing beards for millennia. It is not a fad or some temporary fashion. Growing a long beard out is not always just about patience. The length and fullness of any man’s beard is completely based on testosterone levels.” In short, this is one way to connect with your manliness.

Photo Credits ©Incredibeard