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The Best Hair Looks From Coachella

April 26th 2016

More than just a musical event, the Californian festival Coachella is a sea of pretty young things, including models of the moment Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss. We also spied über blogger Chiara Ferragni (5.8 million followers on Instagram and counting), power sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, model Alessandra Ambrosio, as well as mega-actress-in-the-making Kiernan Shipka from the wildly popular Mad Men.

From lashings of fashion fringing to floral headpieces galore and kaleidoscopic outfits we’ve been lusting after all week, we’ve got the ultimate run-through of the best beauty do’s. The flower-power style was unanimously celebrated, as were wild and sophisticated takes on pastel hued hair color, mesmerizing braids, twists and crowns. Go on, feast your eyes and get inspired..

The Best Hair Looks From Coachella : blvck.escalation
Photo credit: @blvck.escalation

The Flower Crown

A few days before the beginning of the festivities, social networks were giving us sneak peeks of the forthcoming trends. On Snapchat, girls were already wearing their floral crowns (a filter created especially for Coachella) just to set the mood. Installed especially for the occasion, the caravan of the famous Hollywood salon 901 Beauty Coach, was offering up many styles, including the famous homemade flower crown to be worn on loose and long locks.

The Best Hair Looks From Coachella: Nikkilee901
Photo credit: @nikkilee901 from 901 salon

The Indian Feathers

Girls and boys, all wore hippie-chic style clothing inspired from the 70s, a boho Woodstock throwback (and of course, flower-power includes hair accessories). During the six days of festivities, Instagram was flooded with pictures of girls wearing headbands, bandanas and Indian feathers; Jasmine Tookes and Taylor Hill were the big winners of this edition! Whether in flashy colors or classic tones, the Pocahontas look was most definitely in favor and a style that is expected to continue this summer.

The Best Hair Looks From Coachella: Nikkilee901
Photo credit: @nikkilee901 from 901 salon

Braids, Braids And More Braids!

From the catwalk to magazines and on the red carpet, braids of all kinds have been widely adopted. Whether they be small on the side, to African-inspired, fat and chunky peeking out from under a hat or even long Tiger Lily-esque plaits, platting was the other big winner of the festival.

The Best Hair Looks From Coachella: Molly Moon Salon
Photo credit: @Mollymoonsalon

FAB’s takeaway? Mix your hippie style braids with pretty pastel toned color for the ultimate in festival hair. Maybe a little bit far-fetched? As you can well imagine, the whole point of Coachella is to push the boundaries as much as possible and that’s just the way we like it.

The Best Hair Looks From Coachella : @ellenvlora
Photo credit: @ellenvlora

See you next year!