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Trending: Hair Fashion Night!

May 19th 2016

At a time when connected beauty has become a major stake for large groups in the sector, L’Oréal Professionnel launches the 2016 Hair Fashion Night. The event took place in 27 countries with a kaleidoscopic array of hairdressers and clients that came seeking professional hairstyling with a hunger for the latest trends in cuts and styling, for free. For one night only, hairdressing professionals showcased their talent to female guests in salons and trendy locales in various cities. Their schedules included a cocktail party, a DJ set, and of course in-depth hairstyling! With tips on the latest looks, participants witnessed a unique event. FAB gives you a sneak-peek behind-the-scenes look at this crazy night!

 Hair Fashion Night: L’Oréal Professionnel Canada
Photo credits: L’Oréal Professionnel Canada

Free hairstyling in salons around the world

In Spain, Netherlands, Italy … the ‘girly’ atmosphere was at its peak. Thousands of clients took part in the game and entrusted their hair to the city’s star hairdressers. By posting their looks on social networks, participants could also discover the Style My Hair app, launched three months ago by L’Oréal Professionnel. In Russia, the main evening took place in Moscow inside the famous department store Tsum. All the local fashionistas, journalists and stars met up with top DJ Dasha Malygina, who boasts 1 million followers on Instagram, the celebrated photographer Sasha Burimova, and well-known blogger Sophie Eliseeva. Between hairstyles and the dance floor, participants enjoyed a fashion show of ballerinas – a nod to the Bolshoi ballet – and to top it all off, there was a flash mob of the 400 attending hairdressers. Over in Germany, the Hair Fashion Night took place in an equally festive atmosphere in Dusseldorf, where clients enjoyed a concert by the German singer/songwriter Grace Capristo.

 Hair Fashion Night
Photo credits: L’Oréal Professionnel Germany

London Gets Artsy

Across the channel, hundreds of salons and clients from around the country came together at the Village Underground, a former red-brick warehouse that is now both a creative space and a concert and exhibition hall, located in the creative London neighborhood of Shoreditch. Out of the latest trends seen on the stage, the 400 clients could try out rainbow and pastel hair, double braids, the curly bob, the bunny tail…

 Hair Fashion Night UK
Photo credits: L’Oréal Professionnel UK

The hashtag #HFNight made a splash on Snapchat and Instagram thanks to bloggers Lydia Millen (327K followers), Zoe London (74.1K) and Lily Pebbles (322K), partners of the evening. These social network stars brought their own glamorous, funky touch. Zoe London (also known as DJette NDLR) presented her famous pastel blue hair styled in a double bun for the occasion, and followed it up with a red-hot DJ set. Star hairdresser, Adam Reed, gave Lydia Millen a Sixties-Babe look with a bump (half-ponytail) hairstyle, ideal on her long, golden, voluptuous hair, while Lily Pebbles played the chic card with a classic blow-dry.

 Hair Fashion Night, Adam Reed styling
Star hairdresser, Adam Reed styling Zoe London. Photo credits: L’Oréal Professionnel UK

A shared enthusiasm

The professionals showed off their expertise and creativity in a very festive atmosphere. “Working with some of the most passionate artists in our industry, creating the simplest, yet imaginatively malleable styles, and the venue was incredible,” said hairstylist Richard Thomas. “There was a real buzz about the evening with the music booming out, and it was great to see how everybody was enjoying getting their hair done. Great vibes all round!” said Julie Smith from the Tall Poppy Hairdressing salon in Sheffield (UK).

 Hair Fashion Night Salon André Märtens in Berlin
Photo credits: Salon André Märtens in Berlin

With such a successful first edition, France’s turn is next: June 9th in Paris for a new hair-raising event!