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My airplane beauty routine: getting that perfect glow for the holidays

June 30th 2016

Although going on holiday is synonymous with a healthy tan, skin often starts out victim to the stresses of air travel. The bloggers behind La Revue de Kenza and With Love From Kat, as well as air stewardess Rachel Warren Wilson, share with us their best advice for helping your skin deal with this sort of turbulence.

Before take-off: preventing skin stress

On board, humidity levels are very low: on average 10%. The air conditioning makes it particularly dry and so the effects don’t take long to show themselves. The skin on your face dries and stretches, lips become chapped and hands are easily irritated. If your destination is far away, the change of time zones and related tiredness will make everything worse.

To help avoid these issues, you need to adapt your beauty routine before you even step on board. Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui, the fashion blogger at the reins of La Revue de Kenza told FAB that ‘I apply a rich moisturising mask before heading to the airport and apply it again later for long-haul flights.’ The globe-trotter, accustomed to jetting between Mauritius and Marrakech, believes it’s the best way to combat dehydration. It’s a technique that blogger and air stewardess Rachel Warren Wilson agrees with: ‘I like to use a good moisturiser to help keep my skin feeling fresh, especially as we do have to wear a certain amount of make-up during work.’

Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui blogger of La Revue de Kenza. Photo credits: kenzasmg
Photo credits: Rachel Warren Wilson

Kat Tanita, the New York based lifestyle blogger behind With Love From Kat, has just launched her own travel app. She recommends exfoliating your skin to better prepare it for moisturising: ‘I always make sure to dry brush my body and use extra moisturiser the night before.’ Dry brushing eliminates dead skin cells and allows for optimal hydration. The young lady, who regularly takes long haul flights to Florence and St. Barts, also recommends you adjust what you eat. ‘I try to avoid eating salty foods a few days before I board a plane since I get so swollen!’ she told FAB.

Kat Tanita blogger With Love From Kat. Photo credits: kattanita

Combatting skin dehydration when on board: the best techniques

The three young women are unanimous: drinking water onboard is essential for preventing your skin from looking stretched. Opt for still water or tea to help give your skin a healthy glow. Air hostess for Emirates, Rachel also recommends avoiding makeup: ‘I have to wear quite a bit for work but I find my skin looks and feels much better if I don’t wear any.’ Without makeup, the skin can breathe and stands up better to the air conditioning.

Also think about putting together a toiletries bag of miniatures that you can take on board to deal with any eventualities. Whilst Kenza ‘always takes lip balm and hand cream’ with her, Kat opts for ‘a silk eye mask.’ In fact, this delicate area can wrinkle due to dehydration and the change in time zones: specialised patches will help you to stay looking fresh.

Last but not least, don’t forget to look after your hair: ‘I put my hair in a bun with a small clip to prevent it rubbing against the seat, it sounds silly but it’s the worst,’ Kenza tells FAB. By rubbing against the seat’s synthetic fabric, tips can become fragile and split. So make sure to take the blogger’s advice to protect your locks.

That’s that then, to arrive in beauty and style, hydration is key on all fronts: keep your skin moisturised by using masks and creams, and stay fully hydrated by drinking often and healthily. All you’ve got to do now is get ready to tan!


Translated by James Davies