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On The Hunt For Surfer Girls’ Beauty Secrets

July 14th 2016

A sexy tan, wavy hair and a dream body: surfers have pretty much everything going for them. Even after mastering a three meter tall pipeline wave, they still come out as the queens of the summer. Three professional surfers share with us their beauty secrets…

 Pampering your beach hair

When summer arrives, beach hair comes with it. Inspired by surfers, this ‘back to the beach’ hairstyle has become one of the essentials of a sunny day. Volume, a matt finish, casual waves and sun kissed tints, these are some of the daily rewards for the surfers who spend their summer riding the waves.

Yet sunlight and seawater don’t necessarily get on well with each other, and as such our surfers make doubly sure to pamper their hair. Maud Le Car, a surfer from the French West Indies, shared with us her haircare rituals: ‘Before I go surfing, I coat my hair in a protective oil that has UV sun protection. My other little secret is to apply a repairing mask on wet hair in the evening after washing with shampoo, and then I leave it on to do its work all night long. Doing this lets me repair and provide deep hydration to my hair, which helps keep it protected when I’m back in the water.’ As well as a conditioning product and a leave-in treatment, every surfer has her own tips for taking good care of your hair. Brazilian surfer Bruna Schmitz for example makes sure she only washes her roots (and not her tips) to avoid drying them out even more.

surfer girls style, Surfer Girls’ Beauty Secrets
Photo credits: maudlecar
surfer girls style, Surfer Girls’ Beauty Secrets
Photo credits: brunasschmitz x keliam

As for their favorite hairstyle which can stand up to the powerful waves, Californian surfer Bree Kleintop and French surfer Pauline Ado opt for leaving their hair ‘loose and natural.’ ‘It’s pointless spending too much time on my hairstyle, the waves would soon undo all my hard work!’ Pauline tells us. Maud Le Car generally chooses cornrows or a classic braid tied on one side, rather than a pony tail which ‘can damage the hair due to the pressure applied by the elastic hairband.’ Bruna has moved on from her childhood plaits and opts for a simple bun, although she admits that nothing’s as good as a braid, ‘which is far more effective’.

surfer girls style, Surfer Girls’ Beauty Secrets
Photo credits: paulineado x Rip Curl

Healthy skin despite the sunshine

Although heading to the beach goes hand in hand with sunbathing for most of us, surfers are actually fanatics about sun protection. ‘I’m exposed so much when I’m out on the water that I avoid the sun the rest of the time. I’m determined to reinforce my sun resistance, although I’m sure I’ve already reduced it a lot,’ Pauline Ado tells us. The same is true for Bruna Schmitz, who never goes sunbathing at the beach: ‘I already burn too much when I’m surfing, so the rest of the time you’ll find me in the shade!’

surfer girls style, Surfer Girls’ Beauty Secrets
Photo credits: brunasschmitz x @ronyshram

For these professionals it’s second nature to adapt their beauty routines to the harsh conditions they face; so during the day time they never miss an application of factor 50 sun cream – whether its tinted or not – and for a surfing session they apply a thick layer of cream or use a waterproof sun-stick.

Such rituals are necessary for skin that’s exposed to the sun on a daily basis, because in the long term this sort of exposure increases the chance of imperfections. To prevent them, surfers take the make-up removal step of their routines very seriously, as well as making sure they wash their skin properly with micellar water or rose water as Bree Kleintop recommends. Exfoliation isn’t neglected either, they do this 2 to 3 times a week. This step is essential in eliminating the final traces of sun cream, in helping pores to breath and in illuminating the skin’s natural golden tints.

Last but not least, skin hydration is the ultimate key to healthy skin, as Maud Le Car and Pauline Ado confirm for us. Indeed, these surfers moisturize their skin at least twice every day.

A healthy body for a healthy mind

For these high-performance athletes, staying on top of their skincare and body routines are part of a complete healthy lifestyle. As well as hydrating the skin’s surface, surfers make sure to drink large amounts of water as well as sticking to a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

surfer girls lifestyle, Surfer Girls’ Beauty Secrets
Photo credits: paulineado

Respectful of the environment which they come into close contact with on a daily basis, they tend to opt for organic, natural and homemade products. Coconut oil is one of their absolute favorite ingredients. ‘It’s really nourishing, I like to use it on my hair and skin. Even better, I love its exotic perfume,’ Pauline Ado tells us. It’s a beauty habit she has in common with Bree Kleintopp and Maud Le Car, who uses the oil to get her skin ready for sun exposure the next day, but who reminds us that you should ‘never moisturize your skin with it just before going into the sun.’ We told you they were fanatics about sun-care protection!

Being a surfing goddess is good, having confidence in yourself is even better. For Pauline Ado, it’s one of the best beauty tips she can give: ‘Attitude is most important, just don’t give too much of course ;)’ That’s the surfer’s way!