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It’s Time To Detox Your Nails!

August 31st 2016

Are your nails tired, brittle, splitting or discolored? Between layers of nail polish, make detoxing your automatic next step. Inspired by Asian beauty rituals and layering that involve applying multiples layers of treatment products, this nail care procedure aims to give your hands back their youthful glow. A firm believer that all-over beauty stretches right to the end of your fingertips, Gaëlle Lebrat, co-founder of Manucurist Paris, explained to FAB the key steps of this radical technique.

The Secret Behind Healthy Nails

An essential fashion accessory, these days nail polish is available in an infinite range of colors that you can easily match to each of your different outfits. For optimal results, however, it’s important to have nails that are healthy as well. To make that happen, Gaëlle Lebrat recommends respecting one essential rule: “Leave your nails to rest for at least seven days, especially if you’re a regular user of semi-permanent nail polish.”

The Secret Behind Healthy Nails
Photo credits: Manucurist

Always on show in day-to-day life, nails are increasingly subjected to stresses and damage. Just like with your hair and skin, nails also need to breath to fully regenerate themselves. Below are just a few basic principles to follow to make sure your nails have that telltale healthy shine!

Cuticle Treatments Inspired By Brazilian Manicures

First of all, after having first cleaned your nails with a gentle solvent, they are filed in order to give them a harmonious, regular shape. Next, an emollient is applied that softens the cuticles. Then a glove that’s filled with a cream containing collagen, hyaluronic acid and keratin is put on. Inspired by Brazilian manicures that, for hygiene reasons, don’t use water, this treatment technique deeply nourishes the nails as well as hydrating dry and damaged hands without leaving any greasy residue.

Next, the tips of the gloves are cut off so that the cuticle work can begin. “Make sure not to cut them too deeply. These little flaps of skin are essential for protecting your nails. Cutting off too much will just make them grow back more,” Stéphanie Duseval, lead educator at Manucurist Paris, tells us. To finish off taking care of your cuticles, a 100% vegetable oil mix made from argan, soya and honey is applied to the nail outlines to encourage their healthy growth.

The Secret Behind Healthy Nails

Polishing And Targeted Care

In order to clean the nails and remove any remaining dead skin cells, they are next polished with a two-sided buffer: ‘This stimulates blood circulation, a simple process that helps the nails regain their pretty, natural pink color. It also opens up the nails’ surface to better prepare them for the following treatments,’ Gaëlle Lebrat tells FAB. This treatment will act like a shield by protecting the nails from external stresses and damage. By bringing together five plant extracts (aloe vera, lemon, grape, ginseng and pomegranate seed oil) and five key vitamins (A, C, E, F and calcium), this base helps rebuild the nail plate, and also provides a beautiful, glossy finish.

“In order to prolong the benefits of this detox ritual at home, we recommend applying this oil base every day for the next seven days, in multiple layers. Alongside that, a serum enriched with keratin and D-Panthenol can be massaged into the root of the nail to reinforce the treatment’s effects,” Gaëlle adds. To crown it all, a night treatment mask will penetrate the nail deeply during sleep when your hands are at rest.

The Saint James spa in Paris and the Spa Barrière Hotel Le Normandy in Deauville are two of the first institutes in France to offer this groundbreaking detox treatment!