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Tabatha Coffey: The Ace Of Hair

October 24th 2016

With her asymmetrical bleached pixie hair cut and her rock’n’roll look, Australian hairdresser Tabatha Coffey is a star on TV and in real life, where in both she’s respected for her boldness and honesty. The Matrix global ambassador talked to FAB about perseverance, flair, inspiration, insider tips and all her secrets to feminine success.

Tabatha Coffey. Photo credit: Tabatha Coffey
Photo credit: Tabatha Coffey

An Unconventional Upbringing

As a child in Adelaide, Australia, Tabatha styled her dolls and admired the ladies who frequented the hair salon where her mother went. She started her own career as an assistant in a salon at the age of 14. “I watched the women at the salon leave transformed, radiant and smiling,” she remembers. “This feeling that women felt changed after a hairdo was very powerful.” Then at the transsexual evening clubs that her parents held, she helped drag queens with their wigs.

Later, Coffey studied hairdressing in Australia and London. At a time when Vidal Sassoon was revolutionizing hairdressing and breaking all the clichés of style, she perfected her cutting-edge technique and her discipline, being mostly concerned with creating practical, natural styles at a time when women were still spending hours on their looks.

Tabatha Coffey. Photo credit: Tabatha Coffey
Photo credit: Tabatha Coffey

Today, Coffey is a big personality in the world of hairdressing, having been nominated at the Australian hairdressers’ hall of fame, among other distinctions. She’s on television screens every season on the Bravo channel, where she advises young entrepreneurs to build their companies. She is also the author of a bestseller, “It’s Not Really About The Hair: The Honest Truth About Life, Love, And The Business Of Beauty.”

The Art Of Hair

For Coffey, good style begins with healthy hair, maintained with an adapted shampoo, conditioner and serums. “Hair routine is always important,” she says. “The hair’s health must be maintained before anything else.” For this hairdresser, who has always flaunted both her individual style and her homosexuality, everyone is free to express their own personality with either classic or radical styles, and even with trendy bright colors or pastels – while respecting the texture of the natural hair.

Warren Tricomi Salon Visit With Denise Richards And Tabatha Coffey
Photo credit: Tabatha Coffey

Coffey’s expertise is called on for her appearances on television, at conferences and interviews. On “Tabatha Takes Over”, she helped struggling companies, advised young entrepreneurs and saved rising talent. Now, on her new show, “Relative Success With Tabatha Coffey”, she helps established companies improve their business from a financial or service point of view. Her method? Absolute candor, iron discipline and a solid work ethic. Because the secret to a woman’s success is the balance between total mastery and raw intuition.