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Protect your Hands & Nails this Winter

December 13th 2016

Frédérique Olthuis, a nail artist based in Amsterdam, works with Vogue, H&M, Adidas, Urban Outfitters and other prestigious brands. FAB met up with her to talk about her recognizable style and to find out how we can all take better care of our hands this winter.

From Contemporary Art To Nail Art

When you take a look at Frédérique Olthuis’s Instagram profile, it’s clear the artist is a major figure in the world of nail art and its newest trends. She first became interested in the subject during her audiovisual studies at Amsterdam’s Academy of Fine Arts, but it was when she left the school and began painting a series of portraits that her nail art adventure really began. “While building up the exhibition, the gallery owner noticed my funky nails and she asked me – as somewhat of a performance piece – to do nail art, surrounded by my work,” says Frédérique . And just like that her beauty career took off.

Frédérique finds inspiration in lots of different places, but most of all in the worlds of fashion, art and architecture: “Mostly I just sit behind my drawing table, sketch a little, try things on my own nails, get back to sketching… it’s a whole process really.”

Photo credit: @frederiqueolthuis /  photo Lonneke van der Palen

The most important thing for Frédérique is to try to always create something that hasn’t been done before. While making sure to not limit herself to one certain style, the young artist likes to infuse her creations with her own personality: “Although my style varies a lot, people recognize my work. I have a soft spot for minimalism, but once in a while I like to go all out on colors and glitters. I see most forms of nail art as a gender-free thing, which shows in the work that I do for shoots.”

Photo credit: @frederiqueolthuis

Frédérique’s Hand-care & Beauty Routine

To keep her nails looking fresh, Frédérique treats them to a manicure routine about once a week. “It’s important that I file them with either a glass file or one of the grainy wooden ones, if I need to reshape or shorten them. Buffing is necessary to prevent nail chipping and with a bit of nail oil I keep them moisturized.” She’s adamant that “gently pushing back the cuticles is key to a long nail bed. If you do this often and on a regular basis, there’s no need to cut excessive skin around the cuticles, which could result in irritated skin around the nails”.

Photo credit: @frederiqueolthuis

 Frédérique also shared with FAB her preference for natural products: “During wintertime, like most people, my skin tends to become a little bit dry. But I do not use hand cream, because I believe the body should find a balance itself. Occasionally I massage my hands with natural coconut oil, which I find the best way to keep my skin soft and smooth.”

So now that winter is here, there’s never been a better time to try out the beauty tips and tricks of this nail artist whose creativity and skill have already seduced many professionals and nail art lovers.