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Caroline Scozzaro’s Digital Portrait

January 30th 2017

Behind the Instagram account @alphajourneycs is Caroline Scozzaro, a 24-year-old Parisian with Lebanese and Italian roots. In between her publications about daily life, her travels and her favorite fashion and beauty picks, FAB met her to put together a digital portrait of her, revealing a vision of beauty that spans several cultures.

Photo credit: alphajourneycs

Dividing her life between Paris, where she works, and Beirut where her family lives, this active young woman has a busy schedule each day. When she travels, it is to meet some of the many brands and distributors who want to collaborate with Alphajourneycs or else as part of her work as a community manager for different companies. Her evenings take her to the best restaurants and most enchanting places, which you can immediately then find out about on her Instagram thread.

Photo credit: @alphajourneycs

When she first opened her Instagram account four years ago, Caroline never imagined how successful it would become. After seeing the number of her followers grow (currently 85K on Instagram), she decided to start the year 2017 by creating her own fashion and lifestyle blog: byalphajourney.com.

FAB: If you were a beauty buzz, which would you be?

Caroline Scozzaro: I would be Contouring. It consists of redrawing the contours of your face, using an interplay of shadows and lights. It makes cheekbones prominent in the way I like.

FAB: And if you were a hairstyling tutorial?

C.S.: I’d be a tutorial that teaches different techniques for making curls in just a few minutes. I love giving a very natural wavy look to my hair.

FAB: And if you were a make-up tutorial?

C.S.: I’d be a tutorial for smoky eye make-up, because I love playing with the intensity of the way my eyes look. This method is a classic make-up technique and gives depth to the eyes in the way I like.

FAB: And if you were a beauty app?

C.S.: I would be Visage Lab or Facetune, two applications that allow you to make corrections to your facial skin. For selfie fans, the result is perfect.

FAB: If you could invent a beauty app, what would it be?

C.S.: Depending on how you feel on a particular day, and your kind of facial skin, my app would advise you which make-up to use. There would be a series of little techniques for masking imperfections, and the result would be awesome.

FAB: If you were an Instagrammer – other than yourself – who would you be?

C.S.: I would be Jessica Stein from the Tuula Vintage blog, for its travel and discovery side. I adore her Instagram, it tells a story and you dive right into her world! I also love her quality photographs and her looks.


FAB: If you were a YouTube video?

C.S.: I’d be the video of the famous British actress Audrey Hepburn in the opening scene of the film “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. Her innate elegance is quite simply incredible!

FAB: If you had to send a Snapchat video what would be in it?

C.S.: I’d send a video that shows my discovery of the day. It could be a place – a restaurant for example, or maybe a beauty product. I love sharing my discoveries instantly and in a casual way.