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Nail Trends By Deborah Hung

January 13th 2017

Deborah Hung let in FAB’s cameras to talk about beauty – especially trends in nails. Between the fashion of Hong Kong, where she lives, the influence of her Mexican heritage and her own ideas, the former supermodel put her finger on all things nails.

From One Country To Another

Deborah Valdez Hung, along with husband Stephen Hung, a real estate tycoon, dropped their anchor in Hong Kong. Between his business building a new empire in Macao, China’s gambling city, and her activities as a former supermodel and now as businesswoman, traveling is certainly very frequent. Between an evening in Moscow, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Paris and more peaceful vacations in Vietnam, Deborah took the time to show us into their sumptuous apartment on Hong Kong Bay to talk about beauty.

Nude Vs Design

Although an obsession with grandeur seems to be the mantra of Stephen, who is behind The 13 project, his latest real estate venture that includes seven villa suites at $7 million (6.6 million euros) per night, his wife Deborah wears diamonds on her fingers rather than on her nails. Just as with skincare and makeup, Deborah thinks that less is more. On the day FAB met her, the long-legged brunette was wearing a silvery polish “to go with my shoes”, she said – she who usually opts for natural tones. This is surely more in line with Mexican women, “who don’t wear anything on their nails”, than with Asian women, who are “crazy about nail art, with long, stylish nails”. Deborah isn’t very adventurous in this domain. “During the day, I usually opt for natural shades. I like changing it up from time to time, and seeing what they have on offer in beauty salons in Hong Kong, but usually I wear natural shades in the daytime and red in the evening.”

From one continent to another, fashion might change, but they also sometimes come together.