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Decléor Moves Into Urban Detoxification

January 18th 2017

Leading aromatherapy brand Decléor has opened its second location in Paris and this time it’s an urban detoxification boutique-institute. FAB takes a closer look at this new home of express treatments and cleansing workshops based on the themes of naturopathy, self-massage, yoga and even vegan cooking.

Detoxifying Workshops

First Decléor opened near the Opera in Paris and now it’s also arrived on Rue du Temple in the middle of Le Marais. In this new location, you can recharge your batteries, fill up on energy and treat yourself to express, effective treatments. In addition to three treatment booths, the 130m² new space has plenty of choice on offer: five detoxifying workshops that will take place for free twice a month as an after-work program. The workshops include a yoga and Pilates session with Aria Crescendo, a former Crazy Horse dancer who fears nothing in order to feel good in her skin and in her mind. At the aromachology workshop, fragrance and odor expert Patty Canac explains how essential oils affect our emotions. As for naturopathy, Delphine Farjat will look at your iris closely and give you a detailed report on your vitality. Following the “early morning” trend, which consists of getting up at dawn, Isalou Beaudet-Regen, author of La Magie du Matin (The Magic Of The Morning) talks about energy and taking care of yourself. At the table, Angèle Ferreux Maeght gives detoxifying tips and recipes to let your digestive system rest, boost your immune system, gain vitality and eliminate toxins. Finally, Chico Shigeta leads a self-massage workshop.

Learning How To Relax

“Skin, body, mind” is Decléor’s mantra, and it perfectly matches that of Chico Shigeta, a specialist in holistic beauty – or how to take care of the inside of your body to reach overall harmony and beautify the person outside. She says that “beauty from inside” is a basic notion. After developing several massage protocols for Decléor, the extremely dynamic woman has now developed a five-step self-massage ritual very much like herself: soft and tonic, to relax at work or at home. The coach to Sofia Coppola, she says, “External beauty comes from within. Overall balance will make the overall person beautiful.”

Express Treatments To The Rescue

To fight the pollution, stress and gloom plaguing urban and highly active women, this new Decléor space has set up a selection of treatments that are as quick as they are effective. You can cancel out pollution with an acupressure massage to restart hydration in 15 minutes. Brighten your complexion with a re-energizing ritual for rested skin in 15 or 30 minutes. Give your face vitality in 15 or 30 minutes, and to top it all off, the practitioner finishes her treatment with an undereye and BB creme treatment. You’ll leave rested and ready for any appointment. Those who have a little more time will surely want to try out the signature Aromaplastie treatment, with the new Néroli Amara aromessence, which brings out your complexion’s natural beauty.

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