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Staz Lindes: The New Yves Saint Laurent Girl

January 24th 2017

Model and musician Staz Lindes, 24-year-old daughter of Dire Straits guitarist Hal Lindes, is the new make-up muse of YSL Beauty. FAB met with this It girl, who has 71,000 Instagram followers (@yostazyo).

It Girl & Beauty Ambassador

Staz Lindes, who has an air of mischief to go with her platinum blonde hair, spent her childhood on the West Coast of America. Today, she lives in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, and it was there, at a bowling alley in Santa Monica, that her provocative pout was spotted when she was just14. Before long she was walking the runway for Jeremy Scott and posing for Rag & Bone.

Staz Lindes: The New Yves Saint Laurent Girl
Photo credit: @yostazyo

The news of her position for YSL Beauty breaks with a photo posted on her Instagram feed at 2am. With her luscious lips painted a flamboyant red and her carefully styled/unstyled hair, the picture is worthy of the most beautiful glossy magazine shoots. It’s accompanied by the caption: “On the lighter side of this year, it is with pride I announce that I am the new make-up ambassador of the legendary brand @yslbeauty.” And here the new YSL make-up ambassador reveals her beauty routine for FAB.

Staz Lindes: The New Yves Saint Laurent Girl
Photo credit: Clara Balzary

Daily Habit: Not Masking Imperfections

When she’s not travelling and going out in LA, Staz prefers super simple make-up. But she still always tries to keep her skin fresh, clean and natural. “I think that to get beautiful skin, you should start by applying a serum and then a moisturiser, before accentuating your features with make-up rather than hiding your imperfections. That way you can achieve a perfectly even complexion,” says this expert with the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat pen. “It’s quick and easy to apply, it highlights your cheekbones, your brows and your Cupid’s bow. If I had to use only one product a day, it would be this one.”

Hello, Sunset Colors

When she’s not in the audience at a concert or performing in one as the bassist of rock group The Paranoyds, Staz explores Los Angeles, always sporting a colorful look. She’s not afraid to match red lips with orange nails and eyeshadow, for example. “Having a flawless, pared-down complexion lets me focus attention on bold looks with the lips and eyes,” she says mischievously. She tries to have fun with her make-up, while still maintaining a luxurious, couture feel. “At the moment I’m wearing YSL’s Rouge Vinyle gloss a lot. It has a smoother texture and it stays in place for hours.”

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Planet

Los Angeles is famous for being full of men and women who lead perfect, healthy lives – read green, vegan and eco – and Staz is undoubtedly one of them. “I avoid all gluten, dairy products and sugar, and I’ve been a pescetarian for 10 years. My fridge is always full of fish, eggs and green vegetables that I buy from my local farmers’ market,” says Staz, who looks after her own natural balance at the same time as that of the planet. “I also drink litres of water every day and I take a whole array of supplements – including probiotics, vegetable collagen, fish oils and wellbeing products when I travel.”

When it comes to exercise, she regularly does Pilates by watching YouTube videos or DVDs at home. We should all take a leaf out of her book!