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Trend Alert: Nail Art Messages

January 3rd 2017

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but the latest nail art trend is an homage to letters and messages, political or personal. From logos to love notes, slogans and emojis, FAB gives you the inside intel on this new miniature craze.

 Tell It Like It Is

Logos of iconic brands, names of loved ones, secret messages or fonts used as decorative motifs – these are all adding a super-personal touch to playful manicures, a style that is equally graphic and revealing. Whether you’re saying “yes” to your future partner, still supporting Hillary Clinton or even your sports team the Texas Rangers, this trend showcases your moods and important celebrations. Top model and actress Cara Delevingne, who’s a huge nail-art trendsetter, flashed a green and white manicure with big yellow letters spelling out ‘2 Mil’ when she hit two million followers on Instagram. As for Lily Allen, also a nail art fan, she has painted her nails with Drake portraits and messages such as “sorry you’re basic” on multicolor nails.

Cara Delevingne Trend Alert: Nail Art Messages
Photo credit: @caradelevingne

 “Nail art has been around forever,” explains Nonie Creme, founding Creative Director of Butter London and top fashion-week pro. “Even in the ’80s, we made palm-tree drawings. But now the movement of body decoration has advanced a lot and it’s a true cultural movement. For example, you see a lot of young people covering parts of their bodies with tattoos. Nail art is a microcosm of this movement and, especially when using political or personal messages, it’s a spontaneous and impermanent way of expressing oneself. It’s like temporary hair colors, or a message on your T-shirt, but more fun, lighter.” 

Playful Styles

This all-letter nail art trend comes in various formats, whether it’s traditional decals, where letters and logos are transferred on your nail polish before being set with top coat, hand-painted letters with a super-fine brush, or crystals glued to the nail after the application of a top coat. For users of artificial nails, some tips come already printed with messages and images. If you’re feeling crafty, the newspapernail trend can be achieved by transferring the print from a piece of paper to the surface of your nails, by pressing the type on the nail absorbed in alcohol or water. And if you’re short on words, well, just say it with emojis.

Trend Alert: Nail Art Messages
Photo credit: @cali_mamma_2016

Pop Design

For a successful nail art manicure, play with colors, lines and typos to create pop dynamics. Try one color per nail, collage or decals, little hand drawings, smileys, hearts or tender notes. The idea is to have fun. For those who love bling, glitter, crystals or extensions, add even more pizzazz to the design. “The big decal trend has really changed manicures,” explains Nonie. “If you draw designs or letters by hand, go for simpler messages and formats. And always ask your salon if they offer this service, and if they have the appropriate brushes.”

Trend Alert: Nail Art Messages
Photo credit: flickr creativ commons

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