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Disney-inspired YouTube Stylists

February 7th 2017

Disney’s legendary animations have been wowing children for generations, but these days they’ve also become a rich source of inspiration for all kinds of creative people. Fashion influencers and hairstylists are enthusiastically recreating the hairstyles of the studio’s screen heroines, as YouTuber and writer Mademoiselle Blush explains to us.

Disney’s heroines play a huge part in the childhood memories of many young girls and teenagers. Thanks to technical advancements and even greater passion for their characters, Disney’s animators have drawn their characters’ looks with more finesse and detail, especially their hairstyles. This trend recently reached new heights in “Moana” (“Vaina” in France), the studio’s latest film: “The heroine’s hair is incredibly realistic, as is the demigod Maui’s top bun. When even the male characters are having a good hair day, it just makes me an ever bigger fan!’ Marion, the girl behind the Mademoiselle Blush channel, told us enthusiastically.

YouTube’s Disney Recreations

To get your favorite heroine’s look, it’s often best to start with her hair. Although Cinderella’s bun, Snow White’s hairband and Ariel’s loose locks are fairly easy to reproduce, Belle’s sculpted hair during “Beauty & The Beast’s” ball scene and Rapunzel’s braids are much more difficult to get right.

Disney hairstyles, @kayleymelissa
Photo credits: @kayleymelissa

Before you start on one of these more difficult styles, it’s a good idea to have a few styling basics up your sleeve. “These animated heroines don’t have real hair, so styling yours like they do often requires techniques that are difficult to reproduce in real life. But you can get really close and most importantly of all get a lot of inspiration from their looks,” Marion assures us. It’s this challenge that Marion set herself after a request from one of her followers who had fallen in love with the worldwide juggernaut Frozen: ‘Elsa‘s and Anna‘s styles have become absolute must-haves. They have long hair and change their looks several times throughout the film. These characters have set off a colossal new trend on YouTube.”

Disney hairstyles,  Lilith Moon
Photo credits: Lilith Moon

These sorts of videos are popular with online communities because of the challenges they contain: “Reproducing a style in real life that was dreamed up by an artist, that’s intriguing to say the least! There are also lots of women who have fond memories of their childhood heroines, so there’s an important sentimental aspect too,” Mademoiselle Blush told FAB. Of course, Marion isn’t alone in looking to Disney’s characters for inspiration for her new tutorials. Other popular YouTubers like Kayley Melissa and Lilith Moon frequently upload #Disney videos in which they transform themselves into characters such as Belle, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Cinderella and, of course, the now unmissable Elsa. On top of the final, beautiful results, these YouTubers also dish out lots of good advice to all of their followers who are longing to try the styles for themselves.

Disney hairstyles @kayleymelissa
Photo credits: @kayleymelissa

Experimenting With New Techniques

Although Disney’s heroine’s styles are probably not ones you can wear every day, they offer a good opportunity for YouTubers and their followers to try their hands at complex styling techniques.

Disney hairstyles @kayleymelissa
Photo credits: @kayleymelissa

Marion talked us through her creative process: “First of all, I look at lots of pictures to see the style from as many different angles as possible. Next, I adapt it to fit with my own hair type: I test out a few different options, make some parts bigger, reduce others, tighten it in one place or loosen it in another, etc. Of course, styling hair that has been ‘prepared’ – brushed, straightened and curled with an iron – will always be prettier. Even a simple pony tale can be beautiful and elegant, so I definitely think this step is the most important for a successful style.” Then, as with all artistic creation, the most difficult stage is actually hiding all the technical difficulty you’ve had in creating it to give a harmonious, natural feel: “In a drawing, you don’t have to worry about hiding the pins or hair ties, but in real life that’s probably the most complicated part. A style needs to give the impression it supports itself, which is normally a long way from the truth!”

Disney hairstyles Lilith Moon
Photo credits: Lilith Moon

That being said, Disney’s different heroine’s styles seem to hold few secrets for Marion, who has just brought out a book dedicated to the subject: In “‘Disney Princesses Fairy Style: Coiffures de princesses en pas à pas’, there are 19 styling and technique tutorials. My favorite? The thick fishtail braid that was inspired by Rapunzel. I also love Pocahontas’s caterpillar-inspired braids because they allow someone who’s never even managed to style a braid to have a beautiful, easy-to-create look. It’s a book that I would have loved to have as a young girl… There’s always something magical about making yourself look like the Princesses you’ve loved ever since you were little!”