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The Right Eyebrows For The Right Face

February 2nd 2017

In your private life as well as in your job, your gaze is important, and it all starts with your eyebrows. Every face is different, either oval, square or long, and the perfect eyebrows should harmonize with these features. FAB visited the Atelier du Sourcils in Paris to find out how to create the best eyebrows depending on the shape of the face.

The Right Eyebrows For The Right Face, L'atelier du Sourcil
Photo credit: L’atelier du Sourcil

Ever since it opened, Jocelyne Devilleneuve’s Atelier du Sourcils has been packed with customers. The gaze and eyebrow specialist sees men and women from all walks of life come in looking for symmetry, linear beauty and, above all, eyebrows that harmonize perfectly with their facial features. In 2008, she participated in makeover TV programmes with Cristina Cordula in France, putting Atelier du Sourcils in the spotlight. Since then, more than 70 new shops have opened in France, Belgium, Morocco and Spain, a visit to which can decrypt the ideal eyebrows for you, depending on the shape of your face and other parameters.

FAB: How do you choose the right eyebrow color?

Jocelyne Devilleneuve: The eyebrow color should be adapted to your complexion and the color of your hair. For example, with light skin and light hair, we’d probably do chestnut-brown eyebrows. Generally, the darker the skin and hair, the darker the eyebrows should be. Still, you should be careful not to have eyebrows that are darker than your hair.

The Right Eyebrows For The Right Face, L'atelier du Sourcil
Photo credit: L’Atelier du Sourcil

FAB: If you have near-set eyes, what options do you have for your eyebrows?

J.D.: If your eyes are near-set, you absolutely must avoid having eyebrows that are too close and a line that is too straight. We would slightly slant the head of each eyebrow to open up the gaze.

FAB: What if you have small facial features?

J.D.: Having small features usually means that you have a narrow nose. In this case, your eyebrows can be shaped however you want. This is a perfect configuration, so enjoy it – you can do anything with it.

FAB: And if you have large features?

J.D.: Large features don’t go with poorly maintained eyebrows. You should be sure you always have a well-drawn line that isn’t too fine and, above all, not too wide. Structured brows are the best advice in this situation.

The Right Eyebrows For The Right Face, L'atelier du Sourcil
Photo credit: L’Atelier du Sourcil

FAB: What if you have a prominent nose?

J.D.: Whatever you do, don’t have your brows too close to each other. This will bring out your nose even more. You might even consider spacing them out slightly. Also, avoid drawing them too intensely at the head of the eyebrow in order to lighten the effect visually.

FAB: What if you have a round face?

J.D.: A round face shouldn’t have a rounded line. Instead, opt for rather flat eyebrows by stretching them out lengthwise to rebalance and harmonize the face.

FAB: And if you have a square face?

J.D.: Square faces can benefit from more sculpted brows. Be sure that the break doesn’t fall in the middle, but rather at two-thirds along the brow (near the outer corner of the eye).

FAB: What about triangular faces?

J.D.: Oval and triangular faces are virtually the same. The deciding factor here will be the shape of the forehead. For example, a triangular face with a narrow forehead should absolutely opt for finer eyebrows. However, a wider forehead should be matched with thicker brows.

FAB: And for oval faces?

J.D.: Oval faces often have a large forehead, and for this we generally recommend thicker brows with well-defined breaks.