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Brazilian Beauty Rituals From The Copacabana Palace

March 16th 2017

From Prince Charles and Marilyn Monroe to Jade Seba and Camila Coutinho, within 90 years, legendary hotel Copacabana Palace has become a real hot spot for well-being and relaxation addicts. Blending an iconic art-déco style with breathtaking views on the ocean and Guanabara Beach, this palatial hotel is a major attraction for most fashionable beauty influencers in Brazil. FAB got the details on this prestigious gem.

A Well-being Destination Of Choice…

A key residence to soak up the heart of Brazilian culture, Belmond Copacabana Palace is the most prestigious and most sought-after hotels in Rio. Located on Avenida Atlantica, this establishment evokes Nice’s famous Negresco Notel and in fact was conceived by French architect Joseph Gire and opened in 1923. Since 2007, it has been hosting a 900 square meter space dedicated to well-being that’s located on Copacabana’s ancient thermal site and this includes treatment rooms with a view on luxurious gardens. It’s a peaceful haven for a well-deserved break at the center of carnival festivities! So what’s available? Foot reflexology, shiatsu, Ayurvedic hot stones massage and lymphatic drainage. In addition, Copacabana Palace’s Spa is particularly known for their use of ingredients whose benefits are directly derived from Brazilian nature and the Amazonian Rainforest, giving it a unique and authentic experience.

 legendary hotel Copacabana Palace a real hot spot for well-being and relaxation addict
Photo credit: Belmond Copacabana Palace

“Bossa Nova”, “Samba”, “Amazonia”, “Carioca” are all beauty ritual names here that of course evoke amazing journeys far, far away from the everyday places in our lives. Alone or as a full package, these 100 per cent natural treatment protocols will, as such, transport you. The most complete package includes a relaxing foot bath, a full body exfoliating treatment combining brown sugar, acai powder (a Brazilian antioxidant super-fruit) and guarana (a stimulating and energizing Amazonian plant), and an Amazonian white clay body mask full of minerals with healing and clarifying properties. Next up? An aromatic bath filled with rose petal and orange and lavender essential oil; and a relaxing grape seed oil, chili leaves and Tahiti lemon and lemongrass massage complete with a facial including a peeling, a purifying mask and a moisturizing treatment. This is clearly a much appreciated interlude to prepare us for the urban vibrancy of this rightly named “wonderful city”.

 legendary hotel Copacabana Palace a real hot spot for well-being and relaxation addict
Photo credit: Belmond Copacabana Palace

…That Charms Beauty Influencers

Brigitte Bardot, Janis Joplin, Marlene Dietrich, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger… The most prestigious international stars have stayed in this palace. And they’re not the only celebrities noticed by the digital community of beauty influencers who have also checked into the Copacabana Palace.

Among them, Chico Salgado, one of the most coveted stars’ sport coaches in Brazil, young 24-year-old blogger and digital star Jade Seba (who has a whopping 1.8 million online followers) or Camila Coutinho, spotted celebrating her three-year anniversary with her husband in Copacabana, treating themselves to their unique spa experience. Vic Ceridono, Vogue UK beauty journalist and successful voice behind Dia de beauté was also enchanted with her visit to the Spa last December: “I’m a big fan of massage. My goal in life is to have one a day,” she confesses with a smiley face, “Copa’s Spa service is wonderful, just as the rest of the hotel is. The treatment offer includes incredible facials and protocols combining exfoliation, body mask, bath and massage. This is the best recipe for a zen attitude. I have tried the Slim Summer Sensation, a summer-ready treatment with lymphatic drainage, and the Harmonia massage, a real tension reliever (which was needed in my case). Finally, what I particularly loved at the Spa is that we can choose our treatments outside the packages, to adapt treatments according to our needs. And the detox tea served during the ritual – what a delight!” Mariah, from blog da Mariah, is also a Spa regular, and this blogger and digital influencer even had such unforgettable memories of Copacabana Palace that she got herself a little souvenir from the place: a very fresh lemongrass home perfume that she cannot live without and which always instantly brings her back to Rio!

 legendary hotel Copacabana Palace a real hot spot for well-being and relaxation addict
Photo credit: Camila Coutinho