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Trend Alert 2017: Short Hair

March 28th 2017

Shaved heads, pixie cuts and colored hair: trying out a short hairstyle is one of the most popular trends this year. To take a look at all of these short-hair looks, FAB met up with Sam Daly, a hair colorist based in Florida who is also behind the @nothingbutpixies Instagram account which, with its 373K followers, is a worldwide leader on the subject.

Long Live The Pixie Style!

2014, 2015, 2016… once again in 2017 the pixie trend seems to be back in business. Voted one of the four best colorists by the Hollywood Style Awards in 2016, Sam Daly, whose private Instagram account @bottleblonde76 has 115K followers, told us that, “We are very much carrying on the styles from 2016: we’ve been focusing on short cuts above the neck and on the sides, which leave the front section a little bit longer. I see these styles all over the place, with some women daring to take the style as far as it will go. It’s interesting from both a professional and social perspective.” Sam is a diehard Ruby Rose fan – the cult actress from “Orange Is The New Black” – and she is proud to be inspired by her. “She plays around with different short styles and the pixie look is just perfect on her because it’s a structured cut that still stays very feminine. It goes really well with the freedom she inspires in other women.”


The Buzz Cut Goes Mainstream

Natalie Portman, Ruth Bell, Amber Rose, Agyness Deyn, Charlize Theron, Jessie J, Rose McGowan, Kris Gottschalk, Grace Bol: the famous names are endless and the buzz-cut trend – meaning hair that’s shaved almost to the scalp or left with very little length – is becoming increasingly popular. “We see lots of extremely short cuts and in particular I like the buzz cut that tends to enhance a woman’s facial features. This type of cut can be a new way for a women to assert her femininity. Often when someone dares to try out a buzz cut they also add a new color,” Sam explains, herself someone who switches from green to yellow whenever the fancy takes her.


Playing Around With Colors

Both bright shimmering colors as well as pastels are proving themselves to be a big deal in 2017. Short hair styles colored with shades of pink, yellow and turquoise have taken over Instagram, as the explosion of #rainbowpixie #pixiecolor #pinkpixie #shortcoloredhair #bluepixie #pinkbuzzcut hashtags proves.

Sam Daly told FAB however that she has also noticed a slightly softer, subtler trend. “I think that rose gold is a look that’s totally on-trend right now. It goes perfectly with a short hair cut too. It’s not the most extreme color but the effect is astounding. The color doesn’t overly dominate, it just really shows off your hairstyle at its best.”


Finally to make sure the color you choose looks its very best, Sam recommends taking extra care of your entire look: “You have to show off your neck, with a rolled collar in winter and a strapless top in summer. As for make-up, you can never go wrong with red lipstick. Classic and elegant, it will make you look sensational even when you don’t have time to properly style your hair.”

So whether you’re going for a pixie or a buzz cut or if you want to try out vibrant colors or pastel tones, stylists are ready to help women everywhere live their short hair dreams in an era when classic feminine norms are gradually giving way to beauty ideals that defy stereotypes.