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2017’s Biggest Blonde Trends

April 6th 2017

Alongside this year’s rising popularity of colorful hair dying, blonde hair is still a surefire, timeless style to pick. To find out more about this legendary color’s latest trends in 2017, FAB met up with stylists from Paris’s Didact salon – a place famous for its Blonde Bar – and Hannah Armstrong, a stylist at Spring Hill in Florida. Let’s find out which trends are flourishing on each side of the Atlantic.

The French Touch: Simplicity & Softness

Voted one of the 10 best salons in the world by Estetica Designs, an organization that rewards salons that bring together design, well-being and innovation, the Didact salon is a real center of expertise when it comes to hair coloring. According to Laura Capel, a master in the art of luminous blondes, and Gaetan Martinho, a specialist in next-generation blondes, it’s simplicity that will be the biggest trend in 2017, for both shine and placements – a term used by coloring professionals to describe the places on the hair where the color is applied. Both of them believe that “2017’s most notable blondes will be simple and soft with a marked preference for a ‘cold’ shine and gloss. Beige and sandy tones will also be back in a big way this year. On a technical level, the blonde will mostly be applied all the way to the root in order to give a more natural depth of color.” In fact, contouring is still very popular – something that the team at Didact claims to be “a real technical challenge for colorists. But tie and dye looks, and golden and copper ombres that are too noticeable are definitely out this year. At the moment we’re going to focus on keeping the roots as invisible as possible – it’s just much more natural that way”.

2017’s Biggest Blonde Trends Didact
Photo credits: Didact

So, which blonde tones will be the most popular in 2017? Most definitely iridescent and sandy, blonde-beige tones with a sort of pearl luster. “Our less is more philosophy goes really well with this type of blonde. It seems simple but it’s actually very sophisticated.”

 By creating its Blonde Bar, the salon is able to spread and share out its professionalism and recommend different shades of blonde depending on the client’s desired cut. “For a short cut, anything is possible, including platinum and ultra-white blondes. These are all very strong, stylish looks that have a huge amount of character. For long hair, we recommend more natural blondes that are applied progressively with a variety of different tones that melt into one another.”

2017’s Biggest Blonde Trends Didact
Photo credit: Didact

As for this year’s catwalks: “We’ve noticed lots of Afro and Asian hair being bleached and colored blonde, take a look at Jourdan Dunn for example.” The blonde trend has reaffirmed its place both on the catwalk and the street, making this color a must-have in 2017.

In Florida: Blonde Hair Beneath The Sun

After having trained at the world-famous cosmetology school run by the revolutionary stylist Paul Mitchell, Hannah Armstrong, now a stylist herself at Florida’s Capelli Salon, is an expert in blonde and the photos posted on her Instagram account, @hannahstyleshair, are there to prove it.

The young hairstylist talked to us about Florida, a place synonymous for her with blonde  hair: “Here we work with all types of blonde, all year round. Alongside the trends from 2016, by which I meant icy, silvery and ashy blondes, which are still popular this year, warmer tones are back in style in a big way.” An expert in a wide range of blonde shades, Hannah still has a few favorites of her own. “My heart melts when I see a perfect platinum blonde, and a nice golden, beach blonde is also hard to beat. In 2017, however, I want us all to think pink! Blush, rose gold, bubblegum, pastel tones… All of these subtle pinks are going to be on-trend this year.’

2017’s Biggest Blonde Trends Hanna styles hair
Photo credits: @hannahstyleshair

To choose your shade of blonde depending on your hair cut, Hannah explains that for her it’s not a question of length, but actually more about mastering the color placement that then lets you adapt your style to different blonde tones. “I still have a preference for contrasting blondes on long hair, while I normally recommend more harmonious blends for short hair, with gentle highlighting effects to unify the different shades and to avoid a too contrasting result on small areas. The most daring blondes, whatever the hair’s length, need to be placed around the fringe to brighten up the face, while for more subtle tones, whatever your hair length, anything is possible!”

2017’s Biggest Blonde Trends Hanna styles hair
Photo credits: @hannahstyleshair

So, if blonde trends don’t seem to be exactly the same on either side of the Atlantic, it’s a sure thing to say that blondes everywhere are playing around with modern looks that offer a wide range of tones and daring placement options that beautify this timeless color and the styles that go with it.