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The Very Best Colorists To Follow On Instagram

April 10th 2017
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Who has not felt a pang of jealousy for Heidi Klum’s scintillating blonde hues, for the red of Emma Stone, or Beyoncé’s tresses? Generally, hairstylists to the stars are followed and envied by professionals and amateurs alike. To find out who the colorists are behind a myriad of celebrities’ colors, FAB has compiled a list – albeit not an exhaustive one – of the Instagram accounts to follow.

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See all pictures (10)


Along with Anh Co Tran, they form one of the most glamorous and happening duos in Hollywood. One is the colorist, the other the hairstylist. Through their posts, you can keep up to date with all the trends, admire the blonde variations on which Johnny’s reputation is built, and be inspired by Anh’s sexy hairstyles.

Photo credits: @ramireztransalon


Be it in his Andy Lecompte Salon, halfway between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, or in the studio, George fashions the color of an army of models – starting with Hailey Baldwin – as well as stars like Madonna, and top influencers such as Isabel Bedoya.

Photo credits: @georgepapanikolas and @itsisabelbedoya


For this California-based colorist, color is an art in itself. Specializing in rose gold, dark blonde and red balayage highlights, this professional loves working with her clients, with their individual personalities and their “art de vivre”.

Photo credits: @constancerobbins


What is most impressive on this LA colorist’s Instagram is not the multitude of stars with whom she works (Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone, Dakota Johnson and Heidi Klum), but rather the descriptive captions that explain how she fashioned the hair.

Photo credits: @traceycunningham1 @lilyaldridge


The platinum blonde that rocked the fashion world, that’s who she is! And the other platinum blonde with a pixie cut that accompanied Michelle Williams to the Oscars? Her again. Nina Kairouz is a bombshell, her salon the explosion, while her Instagram account mirrors it all.

Photo credits: @neeenaboo


A friend and colorist to Queen B, Jessica Simpson and even Britney Spears, Rita shares all on her Instagram account! Techniques for maintaining your color and celebrity inspirations vitalize this innovative account, which is reflective of her.

Photo credits: @ritahazan


While she usually works out of the Hershberger salon in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, her talent often finds her on film sets. Most recently, her work was on show in “The Hunger Games”.

Photo credits: @ckaedingcolor


From running wild as a youth on the streets of Los Angeles, nowadays Justin Isaac – known as the “Color Ninja” – is the rebellious son of hairstyling. His guiding principle #colormakesadifference sets the tone, while his posts are tinted with pink, blue, red and orange. Attention all color lovers!

Photo credits: @worldofjustinisaac


“Work hard in silence. Let your success be your noise” – this is the message on this colorist’s Instagram profile, with her 20 years of experience. Such American celebrities as Lucy Hale, Nikki Reed and Lauren Conrad regularly grace the doors of her salon, while her account is not short of inspiration.

Photo credits: @kristin_ess


Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Basinger, Miley Cyrus, Emma Roberts, Kelly Osborne: all of Hollywood crowds Justin’s salon in Los Angeles, be it for a touch up or a radical change of color, with unflinching trust.

Photo credits: @justinandersoncolor