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Coachella 2017: Hair Trends On Social Networks

April 27th 2017

Coachella Festival has become one of the most important events of the year to sniff out fashion and beauty trends. As a real sneak-peek of what will soon be “mainstream” in summer festivals, the two weekends are also a time when fashion trends infuse the world of hairstyles. This year, Kylie Jenner’s neon wig took over flower crowns worn by festivalgoers. FAB takes a closer look.

Kylie Jenner & The ‘Highlighter Hair’ Trend

Kylie Jenner once again turned lots of heads this year by changing her color no fewer than three times over the course of one weekend.

For the 2017 edition, Kylie revealed the hair highlighter trend.

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Note that the celebrity will soon have over 100 million followers(!) on Instagram, and has used Coachella as a central part of her marketing strategy to assert her role as a hair trendsetter since 2014.

Level of interest on Google around Kylie Jenner + hair. Peaks happen during Coachella.

Most beautistas are still questioning the long-term effects of such frequent color changes.

“Hair guru” Tokyo Stylez reassures us, however, that her creations are based mainly on wigs, which allows Kylie Jenner to try out lots of colors at no risk.

But this strategy isn’t keeping beautistas from trying to re-create Kylie Jenner’s style: no fewer than one million video tutorials have been uploaded to YouTube tagged with “Kylie Jenner hair tutorial”.

Have Flower Crowns Gone Away?

Flower crowns, although they’re classic festival accessories, have continued to see their influence diminish since 2013, according to Google.

Level of interest on Google around flower crowns. Highest peak in August 2013.

Coachella 2017 continued to offer alternatives to festivalgoers. A few new inspirations were put forth by some of the great trendsetters:

1- Leather In Every Form

“Chokers”, which took off in 2016, have been reinvented for hair in leather versions.
On some influencers, we saw traditional elastic headbands replaced with small strips of leather, such as seen on Ashley Tisdale.

2- Oversized Hats (Or Baseball Caps)

Another alternative, the very wide straw hat was one of the must-have items at this edition of Coachella.

Oversized baseball caps, preferably in (black) leather, were also worn by many festivalgoers and celebrities.

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This trend goes perfectly with carefree curls, giving longer hair a bit of balance with these wide hats.

The Sarcastic Humor Of DJ Paz

Another trending subject appeared on Twitter as well: a rather cheeky description of the typical “Coachella Girl” by DJ Paz, which was liked and retweeted thousands of times, sarcastically pointed out some of the festivalgoers’ preoccupations:

*Puts pesticide-free flowers in hair*

The tweet holds some truth, recalling the marketing machine responsible for organizing Coachella. Brands and beauty professionals are the ones who need to retain some sort of authenticity in line with the original spirit of the festival.