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Disney Beauty By Gregory Masouras

April 11th 2017

Gregory Masouras, a photographer and illustrator from Greece, never fails to surprise with each new post on his Instagram. More than 120,000 people follow his account already, each of them impatient to discover the next creation in his series where he replaces models and celebrities from the covers of famous magazine photoshoots with a Disney character. For example, Rapunzel and her 90 inches long hair has taken the place of Paris Hilton while Bruno Mars became Aladdin and Rihanna was transformed into Pocahontas. Let’s meet this creative kid at heart.

Photo credits: @gregorymasouras

A Digital Success Story

The artist began his project in 2014, his inspiration coming right out of the blue: “I’d bought a new smartphone and just as I was testing the camera by taking panoramic shots of my hometown Athens, I saw a cloud that looked just like Batman’s symbol. By taking a photo of it, I had a eureka moment and the idea to create my #AnimationInReality project was born.” With #AnimationInReality, Gregory hopes to bring our everyday dreams to life: “Ideally, I would like to help expand adults’ imagination by using tools that until now have been limited to a younger audience.”

Photo credits: @gregorymasouras

FAB: What did you dream about when you were little?

Gregory Masouras: I dreamed of doing something different without really knowing yet what it would be.

FAB: How do you choose which Disney characters are going to be a part of one of your pictures where you replace a model or celebrity?

G.M.: Sometimes I get inspiration from their personalities, hair looks or a certain style, or from other similarities between the person and the animated character. And sometimes I just let my imagination and my mood run wild and free!

Photo credits: @gregorymasouras

FAB: Why did you choose to use Disney characters in your fashion photos?

G.M.: I like the disconnect created by using Disney characters in the visuals that I create, especially when they’re ones that come originally from the world of Haute Couture. And it seems that everyone loves these types of fantasy!

Photo credits: @gregorymasouras

FAB: Why is it important for you to “make dreams a reality”?

G.M.: It’s a way for me to help people relive things from their childhood. There’s always something nostalgic and surprising about seeing current celebrities replaced by those from our youth. It really makes you think, and remember.

So, when Disney characters rub shoulders with celebrities and models from the world of Haute Couture, the result is always surprising and what’s more it’s a unique way to show fashion from another angle, one that’s fresh, creative and cheeky!

Photo credits: @gregorymasouras