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Maria Rosaria Rizzo’s Digital Portrait

April 6th 2017

Originally from Italy but now working in Paris for five years, Maria Rosaria Rizzo shares her passion for fashion, beauty and traveling on her blog, La Coquette Italienne. Through this digital portrait of her, FAB reveals her vision of beauty across cultures.

Maria Rosaria Rizzo's Digital Portrait, beauty and fashion blogger
Photo credits: Irma Notorahardjo

Italian Beauty & French Chic

Maria Rosaria Rizzo was born in Rome and grew up in southern Italy, lived in Milan, then moved to Paris. As a big-time traveler, a fashion enthusiast and a graduate in Biotechnology, the young woman decided to start out in the digital world in 2014, launching her blog, La Coquette Italienne. Covering lifestyle, fashion and beauty, the blog is one of the most subscribed of its kind in Europe, and has even been awarded the best fashion blog in France at the Golden Blog Awards in Paris.

Maria Rosaria Rizzo's Digital Portrait, beauty and fashion blogger
Photo credits: Edward Berthelot for Getty Images

FAB: If you were a beauty trend, which one would you be?

Maria Rosaria Rizzo: I’d be Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The product in the brush lets eyebrows regrow in only six to eight weeks. I like my eyebrows to be perfect. Well-defined eyebrows can radically change your eyes and your whole face.

FAB: What if you were a hairstyling tutorial?

M.R.R.: That’s an easy one! The tutorial by Cami Morrone on how to easily create “beach waves” in seven steps. I have long, very fine hair, so of course I love wavy hair in a very natural style, with movement that doesn’t have too-defined curls.

FAB: What if you were a make-up tutorial?

 M.R.R.: I’d be a make-up tutorial for lips. Right now, I love matte lipsticks and color blends like in this video:

FAB: What if you were a beauty app?

M.R.R.: I’d be YouCam Makeup! This app lets you make up your face on a photo in just two minutes! There are pre-made looks, but you can also do custom make-up. I often use it to add or change the color of my lipstick or just to play around and see what I’d look like in different make-up!


FAB: If you could invent your own beauty app, what would it be?

M.R.R.: I’d like to invent a beauty app that in addition to having virtual make-up, it would let you discover all new kinds of make-up. You could also try them out with augmented reality technology and buy them directly after trying them out virtually.

FAB: If you were an Instagrammer (other than yourself!) who would you be?

M.R.R.: I’d be someone like Kristina Bazan in the early years of her blog. She had a softer, more feminine style, less rock’n’roll than today. Or even Chiara Ferragni, who is always very attentive to new fashion trends!

FAB: What if you were a YouTube video?

M.R.R.: I’d be this video by Christian Dior called “Secret Garden Versailles”. It’s very much like me as far the choice of outfits, the gorgeous setting, the omnipresence of color and the beautiful Garden of Versailles, which reminds me of one of my first photo shoots for the blog La Coquette Italienne.

FAB: If you were to send a Snapchat video, what would it be about?

M.R.R.: It would be a moment during my day, or just a moment of madness. I like making Snapchat videos when I’m taking a break or when I get bored. I play around with filters, which I really have fun with. I sometimes speak in French, or sometimes in English or even Italian so I can communicate with everyone!