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Trend Alert: #Colorfulhair

April 4th 2017

The hottest trend in hair right now: pastel and bright hair tones as seen on millions of social media posts and in a wild variety of styles. Once the expression of punks’ and marginals’ disdain with societal norms, these colors are now beloved by celebs, top models and influencers. L’Oréal Professionnel’s new line #Colorfulhair, concocted by international hair artist Matthew Collins, offers every shade from turquoise to cotton candy pink – all as delicious as a tropical make-up palette.

The New Punk

The young, artists and even the more traditional clients are going for bright tones, pastels and multicolor dyes – with rainbow and ombré variations on one extreme, and highlights and strobing on the other. L’Oréal Professionnel’s answer to this craze? Colorfulhair, a new revolutionary line of semi-permanent colors that can be customized by a professional. From light green to turquoise, cotton candy pink to lavender, these made-to-measure formulas can be applied and mixed like paint for a bright, shiny and unique color.

Photo credits: L’Oréal Professionnel

“Colorful Hair is a direct dye. The color that comes out of the tube is the color you see on your hair without being transformed by the oxidant,” explains Matthew Collins, International Hair Artist for L’Oréal Professionnel. “It isn’t a permanent dye but a fashion shade that lasts from four to five shampoos, depending on the hair type. For an elegant finish, it needs to be applied by a professional. In the days of punks, people made their own colors, and it didn’t look very nice. Now one needs to start with a beautiful color, one that’s very soft, on the highlights of which we can apply the new dyes. Even my wife tried to dye her own hair at home, but it will never look the same as at the salon – it’s a real science.”

Photo credits: L’Oréal Professionnel

Express Yourself

While younger clients may opt for rainbow hair and intense tones all over, more traditional clients are also asking for colors in soft or highlighted versions. Matthew actually recommends beginning with a few highlights before going for a total transformation. “Many more mainstream or older clients are willing to take risks, to try a different look,” he said. “But if you work at somewhere like a bank, it’s advised to go with a softer look. The most important part is to use Smartbond to protect the hair.” Even when it comes to temporary colors, applying the dye will often require several appointments to bleach the base. There are also base rules to follow during a consultation: cool colors for paler skin tones, coral, red or purple for warmer tones. It is possible to go against those rules. However, the make-up will need to be adjusted. The ideal result according to Collins is a hue reminiscent of each person’s natural hair at age seven – glossy, healthy and bright. To achieve that look, he works with the balayage technique, applying colors in transparency, creating a totally inspired tone for each person.

Photo credits: L’Oréal Professionnel

This year, the artist is exploring with various shades of green. But rather than follow fads or copy Instagram looks, he says to let the colorist create a unique #colorfulhair look, reflecting each person’s character and lifestyle.