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World Tour Of The Hair Genius To Follow On Instagram

April 24th 2017

As a source of limitless inspiration for professionals and individuals alike, Instagram features photos from the most talented hair artists. Following out posts on hairstylists to the stars and colorists, FAB presents its nine favorite ethnic hairstylists to follow on the app.

Fernando Torquatto

Number of followers: 675 K

Profile : With a haircut that is the envy of all of Brazil, Fernando is a seductive mix that makes him a real hairstyling star in Rio. As the official hairstylist of Alessandra Ambrosio Fernando Torquatto also has his own YouTube channel.

FAB loves his Instagram account because of his selfies that are sometimes as inspirational as posts from women’s magazines with hair blowing in the wind.

César Ramírez

Number of followers: 181 K

Profile: As the creator of iconic hairstyles for music stars, he’s the one responsible for Jennifer Hudson’s tomboy ’do and Ciara’s shaded blonde bob, as well as other celebrities and non-celebrities alike. César styles Afro hair with passion for the catwalks of Louis Vuitton or the covers of “Vogue” and “Harper’s Bazaar”.

FAB loves his Instagram account and admires his take on Afro hair that is straightened, curly, frizzy or colored. Limitless inspiration.

Cha Hong

Number of followers : 44,3 K

Profile: Kim Hyo-suk, better known by the name Cha Hong, is a South Korean hairstylist to the stars. She made a name for herself with her hair tutorials, which were then featured on the country’s famous program “Star King”. With curls, waves, and even blonde color, in her expert hands, straight black hair suddenly gets an infinite array of possibilities.

FAB loves her instagram for the videos she keeps posting. For example, you can learn how to use Kérastase products to make wavy hair. With very natural results, the technique needs to be learned.

Mila Belova

Number of followers: 11 K

Profile: Awarded best Russian hairstylist in 2015, Mila Belova is not shy about playing with color. When she’s not traveling the world for photoshoots for Allure, Interview or Top Beauty, the hairstylist and colorist goes from one country to the next to teach her techniques and expertise to the industry’s biggest names.

FAB loves her Instagram account because Mila shows off herself or others sporting platinum blonde, pastel or rainbow colors in a bucolic Russian setting.

Castillo Ortiz

Nombre de followers : 119 K

Profile: From the natural curls on Halle Berry for the Oscar ceremony to the purple pony tail on Justine Skye and the hair waves on Priyanka Chopra (Miss World 2000, herself!), Castillo is an extremely creative hairstylist who can be seen on every, or almost every, stage.

FAB loves his Instagram account because of the suave, even sexy photos posted by the superstar hairstylist with his LA tattooed “bad boy” look.

Ursula Stephen

Number of followers : 77 K

Profile: Hairstylist to the stars known especially for her work with Rihanna and her neon green wig, and for her much tamer hairstyles on top model Winnie Harlow – all of New York is clamoring for the Brooklyn-based hairdresser.

FAB loves her Instagram account because Ursula often takes us into her studio with her. Somehow, we become her apprentice and we love learning with her.

Anthony Cuts

Number of followers: 1,7 million

Profile: With a dazzling smile, long braided hair, cap or cowboy hat perched on his head, Anthony is a cross between Indiana Jones and Lenny Kravitz, and his work looks just like him.

FAB loves his Instagram account because of the videos he edits to look like music videos. We see him styling (straightening, braiding, attaching a wig, etc.) on gorgeous women with Usher or Michael Jackson playing in the background. We wanna “Rock With You”, Anthony!

Yusef Williams

Number of followers: 111 K

Profile: Rihanna’s official hairstylist shares it all with us. Doing short twists, high-perched ponytails, a punk ’do with green spiky hair for the cover of “Paper” magazine, or a short, wet effect for “Vogue Brazil”, Yusef has no shortage of posts on the RnB star.

FAB loves his Instagram account because: Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna. We can’t get enough!

Tokyo Stylez

Number of followers: 794 K

Profile: Kylie, Kendall, Kim – can you name any of the Kardashian sisters who haven’t had their hair done by him? As a real hair guru, Tokyo made a splash once again at the latest Coachella Festival. He’s the one responsible for the neon wig worn by Kylie Jenner.

FAB loves his Instagram account because with long, even ultra-long hair, pink and purple wigs or even short hair, this hairstylist is the first one to try out the cuts and ’dos he creates.