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Hair Trends For This Year’s Cannes Film Festival

May 16th 2017

On the red carpet, hairstyles have broken free from traditional style standards. Frizzy buns and bohemian braids could very well give way to pastel and silver colors – and even double buns. Here’s a review of the ones FAB wants to see at the Cannes Film Festival and the predictions from our experts.

Blending In On The Red Carpet

Like the Olympics and the football World Cup, the Cannes Film Festival is one of the most media-covered events in the world. A successful look on La Croisette may launch a career, but tame chicness is the custom on the steps of the Palais des Festivals. “The actors who march down the red carpet are often between filming scenes, so they need to conform to the needs of their roles and blend in at the same time. This explains the classic feel of the event, unlike other artists such as musicians, who can be bold and impose their style onto the public,” explains Quentin Molina, head of Productions and Acquisitions for STUDIOCANAL. This doesn’t mean that red carpets are all alike.

“For 10 years, I’ve observed growing freedom in terms of hairstyles: you can see lots more women with shaved temples, for instance”. Quentin Molina, STUDIOCANAL

“Also, the Cannes protocol is strict and highly standardized: hair is also a way to break free from these standards.” So, the hairstyles of the 2017 edition may very well surprise us. We took a close look at other glamorous events of the year – the Golden Globes, the Oscars and the Met Gala – and we noticed three major trends that we hope we’ll be seeing in Cannes.

With A Growing Number Of Inspirations, Anything Can Be Chic

A decade ago, the number of chic hairstyles could be counted on one hand. Now, stars can get away with anything, with the Millennials leading the way. “We’re moving away from a period where hairstyles were very natural,” says stars hairstylist expert John Nollet, “and we’re returning to an age where hairstyles are tidier and more worked-on. In Cannes, there’s less emphasis on eccentricity than at the Met, but rather there’s a quest to find the ‘right’ hairstyle in terms of glamor. Since it’s a long festival, some actors have to climb the steps several times, and in these cases, I have fun suggesting that they do it once with very natural hair and the next time with a shiny textured effect, for instance. And right now, I really want to see Botticelli-style locks, but it all has to be adapted to the person and what they’re wearing.”

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Our preferred picks: Zendaya’s perfect XXL afro caused a wave of enthusiasm on the social networks, like Karlie Kloss’s wig worn in tribute to Rei Kawakubo at the Met Gala and Nicki Minaj’s XXL extensions, which were far from being vulgar, but were in fact the perfect avant-garde touch to her look. Boxing braids are now almost a mainstay, as we’ve seen as worn by Kim Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin and Katy Perry. The double bun, as seen worn by Cara Delevingne and Emma Stone, or simply and perfectly by Janelle Monáe, won’t be outdone.

Colors Becoming More & More Artificial

Natural color was the Holy Grail of the 2000s, but the unicorn hair fad has passed. Instead of pastel hair, celebrities may now be growing to prefer “power colors” to make a big splash on the red carpet. “We’ve been seeing this phenomenon especially with American stars, and even in some beauty ‘hotspots’ like Los Angeles, where you can regularly see shockingly bright colors in the street,” says colorist Anthony Woito.

In France, and of course in Cannes, this choice seems to be associated to rebellion, almost a punk gesture. Yet it isn’t that uncommon to see it on the red carpet. “It is also due to an improvement of the products: we offer new colors but also real tools to protect the hair and make the colors more beautiful and shiny for longer”, says Ryan Morgan, one of the founders of Arctic Fox Hair Color.

Our preferred picks: The ultra-short fade style as worn by Zoe Kravitz and Rita Ora, Kylie Jenner’s platinum bob and Kate Hudson’s white bun.

Accessories Take Center Stage

Far from being a tool to hold back hair and a mere jewel, accessories are part of a hairstyle and may even be its main feature. Although you might prefer small jewels, wear them profusely, like in a pattern on your hair. “Accessories have been forgotten for too long,” says John Nollet, “but for centuries, they were essential. Today, whether you wear rhinestones, feathers or jewels, they’re no longer just a ‘small touch’. They are a crucial part of the fashion, and can even sometimes highlight your entire silhouettes. It’s gorgeous!”

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Our preferred picks: Brie Larson’s golden leaf, the ultra-short silver ’do with rhinestones worn by Cara Delevingne, and the lappet veil as worn demurely by Lily Aldridge and eccentrically by Katy Perry. At the Oscars, we saw lots of diamond tiaras, such as by Janelle Monáe, Ruth Negga and even Salma Hayek. However, flowers (which are almost too commonly worn as crowns) shouldn’t be seen at all.

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