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Brigitte Macron & Melania Trump: Understanding The First Ladies’ Hair & Style

May 15th 2017

It’s only day one after the inauguration of her husband Emmanuel Macron, but Brigitte Macron will be under close scrutiny for the next five years. First Ladies become muses for the women of their countries. The diplomatic messengers are in constant representation, and “have a responsibility of being on display”, explains Eric Pfalzgraf, a hairdresser located near the Palais de l’Elysée, who is used to having French presidents’ wives visit him. “Their greatest disadvantage is that they’re silent icons. Their main means of communication is how they look. If they’re too bland-looking, no dialogue is happening,” says Philippe Moreau Chevrolet, a communications specialist and political strategist. Our two experts explain the style and hair of five First Ladies from all over the world.

Brigitte Macron

Brigitte et Emmanuel Macron
Brigitte Macron & Emmanuel Macron – Photo Credit: La Gente (Source : Facebook)

63, French

Profile: Already married and working as a literature teacher, she met Emmanuel Macron at a theatre workshop in 1993. He was 15 years old at the time. They fell in love and married in 2007. She held a prominent position throughout the presidential campaign, up to the election on May 7.

What the experts have to say:

Style: “With a makeover from her friend Delphine Arnault, the manager of LVMH, she was inspired with how Michelle Obama communicated. She attracts attention to her outfits and promotes French elegance and their designers. She gives off a youthful image without being ridiculous about it, and she could turn out to be a model for an entire generation of women.”

Hair: “Brigitte has a classic low bob with bangs. Ultra-blonde is not your everyday color. You need to have character to wear such a prominent blonde color. I’d advise light waves and an inter-negative polish in shades of dark brownish blonde to create more softness and contrasting volume.”

Letizia Ortiz

Letizia Ortiz
Letizia Ortiz – Photo Credit :  Fernanda LeMarie 

Age and nationality: 44, Spanish

Profile: The special correspondent-turned-TV news anchor, she married Prince Filipe in 2004, who was proclaimed King of Spain in 2014. In particular, she is involved in the areas of children’s rights, culture, education and nutrition. She supports Spanish designers and gladly wears their creations.

What the experts have to say:

Style: “She’s always elegant, and has a very smooth, almost rigid dress and hair style. Nothing stands out and no emotion shows through.”

Hair: “She is very feminine and wears her hair either wavy or straight, tied back or loose. There are variations in her highlights from blonde to light chestnut brown. Personally, I like it when she wears it blonde and wavy.

Melania Trump

Melania Trump
Melania Trump – Photo Credit : U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Sgt. Gabriela Garcia

47, Slovenian and American

Profile: She started her career as a model in the early 1990s, which led her to Paris, Milan and New York. She met Donald Trump in 1995 and married him in 2005.

What the experts have to say:

Style: “Melania Trump holds herself back and keeps her face reserved. She is clearly enduring the situation. She tried to imitate Jackie Kennedy’s fashion a bit at the beginning, but she’s still very classic. There is no affectation. Her style has no intention, which allows her to protect herself from criticism. Actually, Ivanka Trump, the President’s daughter is the one who shows herself off and plays the role of the First Lady more naturally.”

Hair: “She has nice length that is slightly wavy, a glamorous, natural color, with very sophisticated tie-dye style. She’s more of a New Yorker than a “regular” American. I’d add a bit of messiness for a lighter look.”

Angélica Rivera

Angelica Rivera
Angelica Rivera

Age and nationality: 47, Mexican

Profile: The former telenovela actress Angélica is the wife of Enrique Peña Nieto, the President of Mexico since 2012. She gave up her career to support her husband in politics and provided a charming boost to his campaign.

What the experts have to say:

Style: “She doesn’t really have a personal style. She is glamorous and changeable, seeming to be influenced by American series. But she should watch out; this may give off an impression of being frivolous, unstable and of having a lack of personality as well.”

Hair: “She plays around with her hair, which she wears at medium length, loose or tied back, brown or blonde, straight or wavy. I like her as a blonde because it seems to correspond with her sparkling, cheerful personality.”

Rania al-Abdallah

Queen Rania of Jordan Rania al-Abdallah
Queen Rania of Jordan Rania al-Abdallah – Photo Credit :  Samantha Appleton

Age and nationality: 46, Jordanian

Profile: Queen Rania of Jordan studied business management in Cairo and then in Switzerland. She married King Abdullah II in 1993. She’s active and modern, and is especially involved in children’s rights issues.

What the experts have to say:

Style: “According to her appearance, Queen Rania of Jordan respects all the constant standards. She is demure, and yet, she’s all we see. She is a timeless Middle Eastern woman. It’s as if she’s hiding her modesty inside, with something like elegant prudishness.”

Hair: “Rania has very strong beauty and a lot of class. Her hair is beautiful and natural, with a slightly brownish polish that brightens up her face. She sometimes wears a slightly more auburn, less joyful color. She can get away with anything: she can wear loose hair, giving off an image of freedom. She is also elegant when she’s on official duty, wearing a bun that shows off her neck and highlights how she carries her head.”

Peng Liyuan

Peng Liyuan
Peng Liyuan

54, Chinese

Profile: Peng Liyuan joined the army when she was only 18. She was quickly noticed… for her vocal talent, and became a popular singer. She met and married Xi Jinping, a music-lover, in the 1980s. She has now ended her singing career and is involved in politics.

What the experts have to say: 

Style: “Like Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton, she always wears the same type of clothing, which is rather austere and traditional. It’s timeless, effective and very subdued. Her appearance and hairstyle tend to make her look older. This is a strategy that instils some distance and inspires respect.”

Hair:A voluminous, tamed bun. She always wears her hair tied, without any fancy touches or variations. She could do with letting a few strands loose and work with shininess.”