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Survive The Summer With These 5 Beat-The-Heat Hairstyles

June 22nd 2017

Summer is here in the form of a heat wave! To face these mad temperatures, make sure your hairstyle is lightweight, fresh and comfortable! While there’s no need to go as far as shaving your head like Cara Delevingne, you’ve got lots of other options for keeping your head cool without even having to cut your hair: from wet hair, a high ponytail to an octopus bun, FAB is here to tell you all about the best anti-heat hairstyles to help you survive the summer.


They’ve worn it: Olivia Palermo, Bar Refaeli and Adriana Lima.

Perfect… for a trendy, al fresco cocktail.

Beat-the-Heat rating: 3/5

Its name might be a bit misleading, because there’s no need to be at the beach or by the pool to rock a wet hair style. The idea is to recreate that “just out of the water”, ultra-sexy effect first made famous by Ursula Andress. Best of all, it’s a really simple hairstyle. All you need is to pull back your hair while wet, apply a styling oil and then let it dry. For a sophisticated result, leave you hair loose, for optimal beat-the-heat qualities, combine this style with an up-braid!


They’ve worn it: Jessica Alba, Karlie Kloss, Bella Hadid, Petra Nemcova and Elle Fanning.

Perfect… for both your Zumba class and a hot night out.

Beat-the-Heat rating: 4/5

The high ponytail is one of summer’s truly essential styles. Even better, it’s perfect for all occasions: elegant on straightened hair and casual when styled with your natural waves. If you’ve got short hair but still really want to give this style a go, take a look into getting extensions!


They’ve worn it: Gisele Bündchen, Doutzen Kroes and Olivia Munn.

Perfect… for sunbathing and splashing around in the sea.

Beat-the-Heat rating: 5/5 

Even better than a high ponytail for uncovering your neck and cooling you down, the octopus bun has taken the web – and the beach – by storm. This ultra-cool style, a version of the messy bun, gets its name from its (vague) resemblance to the sea animal. Made up of totally random (or not) “tentacles”, styling this 2.0 bun will make you feel like you’re at the beach all summer long.


They’ve worn it: Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora and Katy Perry.

Perfect… for dancing the night away.

Beat-the-Heat rating: 5/5

Is there any better style for keeping cool than braids? We could have filled our list with lots of different styles: the mini-braids, which had everybody talking at the latest Prada catwalk, or this year’s inspirational braid-crown, but we’ve chosen boxer braids because of their fitspiration. Brought back on trend by Kim Kardashian, these inverted braids are guaranteed to give you that active, summery look!


They’ve worn it: Karlie Kloss, Emma Stone, Olivia Culpo and Emma Watson.

Perfect… for a garden party.

Beat-the-Heat rating: 4/5

Last but not least, the low bun is still one of summer’s classic, unmissable styles. Don’t be fooled by its good-girl reputation, you can easily style it like a true femme fatale because it looks great in so many different ways: pushed to one side, braided, messy, pulled back like a dancer, with a parting in the middle to be more unique… With a low bun, you’ll have enough styles to keep you cool all summer long!