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Long Grunge & Skater Hair: Men’s Hair Trends From SS 2018 Fashion Week

June 30th 2017

Three style experts spontaneously analyse what they saw at the SS 2018 men’s fashion shows. Verdict: a season with lots of hair influenced by the worlds of skating and grunge. Gone are the days of the metrosexual, leaving room for less sophisticated looks.

Marta Represa, editor-at-large at L’Express Styles: “Oliver Sonne’s long hair”

What were your favorites this season?

The highlights for me included the show by the Art School collective in London, which proposed non-binary yet ravishing clothing. The performance was very funny as well.

Philipp Plein’s performance had lots of humor.

Rick Owens’s show outside the Palais de Tokyo with the models coming down from the scaffolding…

and Dries Van Noten’s catwalk in the abandoned premises of Libération. It was wild!

What were the major hair trends of the season?

The mid-length curly trend is still going strong.

We also saw lots of long hair, but not a single man bun. This is the season of loose hair, taking lots of influence from the world of skating.

The representative model of the moment is Oliver Sonne, who posed for the latest campaign by Loewe and is very much in demand at the moment.

And one of the most remarkable cuts was at Alexander McQueen: hair plastered in front and behind the ears, using lots of gel. A slightly grimy yet very sophisticated effect..

How will the fashion shows influence the hairstyles we’ll be seeing in the streets?

These curly, slightly untamed and mid-length cuts will encourage men who have this kind of hair not to cut it off and to assume the look. At least I hope so!

Vu Quan Nguyen, director of development and marketing for Japanese brand management agency Nire-Ups: “Surfers and strict Soviet looks”

What were your favorites this season?

Junya Watanabe, who experimented with workwear, the boundary between school and workers’ uniforms. I especially noticed the outerwear with a built-in backpack, in collaboration with The North Face.

Besides that, I still have a soft spot for Études Studio, who showed this season the first unisex Men’s/Women’s collection. They’re a very intellectual French-style brand with all-American effectiveness. For me, this brand embodies the essence of the contemporary wardrobe, without going overboard.

What were the major hair trends of the season?

I noticed two trends: one with surfer/grunge-type wild and long hair, as seen in several shows and in the street, especially at SSS World Corp, but also as worn by influencer Cyber69.

The other trend was a very short, rushed and therefore strict cut, but with a “carefree” aspect in line with those post-Soviet brands that stole the show for a few seasons (such as Gosha Rubchinskiy, Vetements, etc.).

One thing is certain: we are no longer in the era of slick, preening metrosexuals. We’re somewhere between LA and Kiev. It’s a pretty funny mixture of trends.

And also, I really like the style of Philippe, from the blog Skonh. He has a short cut that has a lot of character, and a color that really suits him well. I don’t know many guys who could wear this cut without coming off as burlesque or fake.

How will the fashion shows influence the hairstyles we’ll be seeing in the streets?

I don’t get the impression that it has a direct impact on the streets. They already have a fashion that is very close to that on the street, which tends to take more inspiration from them than the other way around. In my opinion, the only ones who influence guys’ hairstyles today are perhaps great footballers.

Elisabeta Tudor, editor-in-chief for MODZIK: “Long hair versus shaved heads”

What were your favorites this season?

I loved Comme des Garçons Hommes Plus, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace for being eclectic, colorful, kitsch and a tiny bit nostalgic.

What were the major hair trends of the season?

Generally speaking, the long hair trend for men is back. I also think that we’re moving to two extremes: long hair or shaved heads, and rarely anything in between.

As for effects and styles, I really liked the men’s “wet look” this season, which we saw with Louis Vuitton. It’s really refreshing.

How will the fashion shows influence the hairstyles we’ll be seeing in the streets?

I think rather it’s the other way around: the world of fashion is slumming it by taking inspiration from the street at all levels.