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Recreate The Khaleesi Hairstyle, With Hair Queen Elena Lanua

July 18th 2017

In honor of the new season seven of “Games Of Thrones”, FAB sheds some light on the famous Daenerys Targaryen hairstyles, alias Khaleesi, recreated by hair queen Elena Luna. The 22 year old German is obsessed by colored hair and braids, and as such, she decodes Princess Daenerys’ braids and shares the advice of her hairdresser to perfect her hair look.

FAB: What is unique and distinctive about Khaleesi hair ?

E.L.: When I watched “Game Of Thrones”, I fell in love with Daenerys immediately. She’s a super strong 13-year-old girl, who also became the mother of the dragons. When I was 13, I only read books about dragons and decorated my room with a lot of dragon stuff. I had white hair at that time, and for Mardi Gras, I dressed up as Khaleesi. I had a stuffed toy dragon wrapped around my body and did my first Khaleesi hairdo.

Whenever Hollywood creates characters linked with horses, they get crazy braided hairdos, like the Dothraki (a race of nomadic horse-mounted warriors). And of course their leader always gets the most wow! Hollywood is right: braided hair is practical, but an ordinary braid gets lame. But Khaleesi’s hair is totally fashionable and from it, you get her power and princess vibes.

FAB: What do girls need to do to capture the soul of Khaleesi?

E.L.: Khaleesi never wears a simple French braid. Most of the time her hairdresser combines many different braiding techniques. She always often wears a hair crown like the elves in “Lord Of The Rings” where you braid or turn-in strands at the sides of the forehead and collect it at the back of your head. You can do simple braids, French braids or Dutch braids – whatever look you prefer. I prefer a one-sided French braid where you just take new strands from the parting.

If you want open hair, you should do more than one “crown”, and if you want your hair all braided up, try to make your braid look very flat and wide but not fluffy. For example, braid three braids and braid them, or make two braids and pin them together. I think I said “braid” a lot in those few sentences!

Another factor to consider for achieving the perfect look is to have healthy hair. Here, my hairdresser explains how to use professional haircare products to strengthen my hair and how to look after my hair color.

FAB: What about the Khaleesi look?

E.L.: Split your hair a few centimeters above the ears and do French braids, but just take hair from the middle parting and not from the ear side. Stop taking new strands from behind the ear. Braid more than you would if you just want the braids to meet. Take a Bobby pin to hold the sides together. And don’t forget to treat your hair to keep it healthy!

FAB: You also created a “lazy Khaleesi look”….

E.L.: Yes. For this one: create a middle parting. Do a French twist on both sides. When doing the free part, pull your hair to the front but below your ears – twisting it will make the curve look much prettier.

FAB: What is your hair routine?

E.L.: My hair color is thanks to semi-permanent coloration. My hair structure got so much better since I use the products that my hairdresser recommended.

FAB: Do you have tips on taking good pictures of your hair on Instagram ?

E.L.: That’s a question you should ask my boyfriend, who takes most of my pictures. But I think that’s the trick: hair pictures look best if you let other people do them or use a tripod. Your hair can look super cool, but if you contort your body to an unnatural pose to get all your hair in the picture, it will never have the same effect.

FAB: Is there an Instagram account you love to follow ?

E.L.: @itsmarydary is worth a follow. She always has cool hairdos and she’s the make-up queen!