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Summer Hairlooks: The Most-asked-for Beach Hairstyles

July 26th 2017

Take the best of summer: tales, love, sports and the outdoor life. And add to it the best of Instagram: playfulness and experimentation. Mix the two and you get the beach hair trends that will be the most asked for in these upcoming summer months: summer blonde (obviously), beach blonde, ocean hair and seaglass hair, which is on the rise.

Beach Blonde

The most associated beach hair trend this season is obviously the beach blonde, THE popular trend this summer. George Garcia, hairstylist part of the Redken tribe, shared with FAB his pro tips: “Beach blonde must look natural, so it’s important to make diagonal partings when pre-lightning. And when using Shades EQ, always keep your foils open.”

Vanilla Blonde

Another interpretation is the vanilla blonde: a tribute to the ice-cream vans we stroll past on the beach!

Ocean Hair

The creative intent is to replicate the movement and colors of oceans, variation of depth and versatility of blue shades. Not far from mermaid hair and famous among the alternative modelling community, this trend is nonetheless broader. The hashtag #oceanhair has already been used more than 12K times on Instagram, so it’s clear to see that this is a rising trend. Moreover, coloristas and beautistas reckon that the style can last a bit longer than pastel hair.

Sea Glass Hair

Sea glass hair, which initially started through accessories (barrettes, clips, and mostly through the Etsy community), is now booming on Instagram. The green and blue shades aim to mimic the weathered glass you find on the shores, natural sea glass that’s made of normal shards of broken glass that are then continuously tumbled, sometimes for years. Slightly more sophisticated than ocean hair, it plays between green and blue tones.

A trend not far from the very popular mermaid hair:

Poolside Wet Look

The wet effect fused with a high bun is this season’s must-have. Thanks to a strong knot, this is a look that holds better than a braid – using a styling gel can also help to frame the face.