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Charcoal Hair – This Autumn’s Next Smash Hit For Your Clients

August 28th 2017

For the last two seasons, the world of fashion has been dominated by pastel hair and other vibrant hair colors. Alongside these bright, popping shades, however, charcoal hair – a subtle blend of black, blue and grey – has been quietly gaining ground, and its popularity is predicted to explode this fall. FAB took a closer look at this exciting color trend and will give you the details here on how to do it yourself thanks to the advice of colorist Jennifer Pelter from the Westrow Hair Salon.

Grey Hair, With Added Sophistication

Have you heard much about charcoal hair? This stylish blend of black, blue and grey may well be one of September’s hottest trends. Bloggers Suzi Tse and Kayla McCullough have already shown it off, while Blac Chyna’s grey wig sent her fans into a frenzy when she wore it for a photoshoot in February 2017.

The origins of this new style can be traced back to the grey hair trend that made its first appearance in 2015 with “Granny Hair”. A real phenomenon, this light, bright grey tint, a few shades away from silver, quickly took over the worlds of beauty and fashion. Jennifer Pelter, colorist at Westrow Hair, a renowned British chain of styling institutions, told us about her experiences of these trends: “Trends evolve season by season, and for the last two we’ve seen the ‘grey trend’ take centre stage. Now we’re slowly seeing a deeper, darker and cooler grey hue transforming people’s hair. It’s become one of the hottest trends for the summer months and will follow strongly into autumn 2017.”

Charcoal Hair: Ideal For Every Style

An ideal choice for both daring and understated styles, charcoal-grey hair is perhaps an easier look for your day-to-day life than rainbow hair or any other of this summer’s pop-color shades. Charcoal hair also brings a special touch of sophistication and even a little mystery. A relatively understated and accessible color, cool greys and anthracite shades match so many different styles, so your clients won’t need to rethink their entire wardrobe when they change their hair.

Last but not least, charcoal hair is great for all complexions and skin tones. Perfect on darker skin, it also tends to give depth to paler skin tones too. It’s easy to understand why beauty influencers and fashionistas from all over the world are getting on board.

How To Get It

Getting one of these shades of grey requires a few elaborate techniques, which makes charcoal hair a relatively complex color to achieve. Jennifer Pelter recommends pre-lightened hair “to create a cool background for this color. Pre-lighten all over, or just on specific parts, using bleach. I would then recommend toning twice. You may want to tone first to clean out any warmth then tone again, this time with a charcoal toner, on top of your cool base to achieve an even, balanced look.” It’s not the quickest style then, but working hard to get the right dose of grey and blue tones is essential for getting the right final color.

As is often the case with hair dyeing, care and maintenance is just as important in keeping the color at its very best. Jennifer Pelter’s final advice is to “wash your hair as little as possible to maintain the color for longer, but when washing is required, you should use a sulphate-free shampoo and cooler water to get longevity out of your charcoal toner. Always use gentle movements when you wash. Afterwards, covering your hair up with hats, scarves and UV protection sprays is an absolute must in the hot months.”

So now you know, it’s time to get ready, because charcoal hair is here to stay!