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Hair Trends Coolhunting: episode 1, London Fashion Week

September 19th 2017

Hair is a language; hair has become a fashion accessory, a statement for the very eclectic fashion tribes around the world. Our team has taken to the streets of London (and next week, Paris!), walking around the various fashion shows, to “hunt” and shoot some personalities with strong hair signatures; we’ve asked them how they talk ‘hairdresser‘ and get the cut and color they actually want: Instagram has become THE new board of inspirations that they share with their hairstylists; the hair colors have become a playground, a canvas to express their own personality. From pastel to deeper shades, the local hairstylists are the alchemists of this Instagram generation.

Yes, the platinum blondes jollied along; but as London has its roots in grunge and rock, the blonde was reinterpreted through faux hawks and shaved hair. Afro hair was also extremely present, with many trendsetters expressing their ambitions for dreadlocks in the coming months, mentioning Jaden Smith as a source of inspiration. Earth was not enough for the fashion planet; the team spotted many space buns. The East London scene, melting vintage looks and somehow steampunk references, was also playing with colorful hair.

Londoner Courtney is all about colorful, fitted clothing and gets her hair inspiration from her favorite shows.

London fashion week - ORANGE hair girl


Anchal is a vlogger, who likes to keep it simple but feminine, with her wide range of barely-there heels and pristine sneakers.

LFW - Anchal Seda

Alisha is a London blogger with a penchant for colorful braids. She loves to match them with bright and bold prints.

LFW3 - Alisha Sanka


Songwriter Camden keeps her apricot hair as the centrepiece to every outfit, enhancing her look with complimentary yellows and pinks.

LFW7 - Camden Cox

Parisian model Estelle, rotates between wearing minimalist natural colors to bold statement pieces like her unique floral fascinator.

London Fashion Week - Estelle Digridi portrait

Eliane describes herself as an international mix of Germany and America. Her style combines androgyny and vintage to create a mix as unique as her.

London Fashion Week - Eliane Amend


Meet Italian fashion student Williams, he loves keeping ahead with trends and pairing natural colors with vibrant shoes.

London Fashion Week - Williams Doualehi

Lucas’ style is ‘very eclectic, very colorful and very random.’ He’ll always style his clothes to match his hair and vivacious personality.

London Fashion Week 2017 - Lucas

Travel blogger Chloe, pairs her bright smile with feminine fanciful clothing.

London Fashion Week 2017 - Chloé Dares

Photographer: Harkirit Rayatt