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Milan Fashion Week: Beauty Hot Spots

September 20th 2017

After having pounded the pavements of New York and London, it is now Milan that everybody has a rendezvous with. To make up for the energy that decreases as the cat-walk season advances, FAB gives you some top destinations for treating your hair, complexion and nail art.

The Hair Salon, The Art Of Living Italian-style

Hairstylists like to make use of apartment entry codes and highly private  meeting points. Tommaso Incamicia from My Place Hair Studio takes very good care of his clients in a cozy apartment where you feel immediately at home. He trusts luxury Oribe products and offers speed-capable service in no time at all.

Ponytail upgraded with a braid or party-ready bun, we leave with the pleasant sensation of having appealed to a friend rather than a hairdresser.

Via Panizza 4, 20144 Milano +39 02.36753350/51

Other highly recommended address in Milan : Charme & Cheveux  led by Gianni Bellotta. crystal candlestick and precious marble details, nothing is too good for the sophisticated clientele that frequents the salon regularly.

Via Giuseppe Broggi, 20 · +39 02 2040 4787

Aldo Coppola

For a cut or couture hairstyle, we go to Aldo Coppola salon. It’s a family affair, between studio and salon, from father to daughter for 50 years. Among the many salons in Milan, FAB recommends you aim high: the 8th floor of La Rinascente, one of the best department stores in the world.

Piazza Duomo, Centre / +39 02 88521

My Place Hair Studio

Another Milan address that is recommended for the party-ready chignon: the cosy salon of Tommaso Incamicia. Advanced Oribe products and rapid service are enough to reassure editors before a glamorous dinner.

Via Bartolomeo Panizza, 4 /+39 02 3675 3350


Coffee, Shopping & Manicure

Gaia Venuti thought of her manicure salon, Bahama Mama, as an enchanting break for the women who stop there. She offers fresh juices while her customers watch a film of their choice. They can even browse through a selection of vintage clothing! Betty’s nail art emphasises geometry rather than ornamentation. The result is very modern with this season’s skin tones going from salmon to bronze.

Viale Col di Lana 1 /+39 02 8940 4538

ExpressCare & A 360° View Of Milan

Mandarin Hotel

To treat tense bodies, the Palace spa has created the Revitalizing Legs treatment, a leg massage that eliminates fatigue, offering a sense of lightness and reactivating the circulation. The aim? To extend the result over several hours by combining the refreshing nature of the treatment with an ultra-drainage lymph technique. There is plenty of scope here to move easily from one presentation to another. In order to adapt to difficult schedules, the spa remains open until 9pm and can arrange treatments on demand.

Via Andegari, 9 /+39 02 8731 8888

MOMLN Hair Salon Massimo Serini credit Mandarin_2
Hair Salon Massimo Serini – Credit: mandarin

Armani Hotel Spa

Another option that also allows you to admire in passing one of the most beautiful views of the city, the Jet Lag treatment at the spa of the Armani Hotel Milano. It is available for three different periods of time (from 25 to 80 minutes – practical) and ensures vitality in any testing situation. Do you need a rapid treatment before going out to dinner? The Armani team presents their exclusive “Face and Care Design Service” during the fashion week only. It combines skin analysis with treatment and make-up for an immediate glow.

Via Alessandro Manzoni, 31 /+39 02 8883 8888

Credit: Armani SPA AHM_SPA
Credit: Armani SPA

Old-school Barber, New Look

In Milan, the men are as well-groomed as the women. For care of the most demanding beards and moustaches, there are two options:

The ultra-classic Antica Barbieria Colla (shirt whiter than white, old-style armchairs.

Via Gerolamo Morone, 3/ +39 02 874312

The trendy Bullfrog, approved by all cool dandies and street-style stars.

4 addresses in Milan, here.