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Nathanyel Bensemhoune’s Digital Portrait

September 4th 2017

In charge of digital marketing for a number of start-ups, Lyon native Nathanyel Bensemhoune founded his blog, nathanyelbns, in 2014. In it, he mixes lifestyle, fashion, travel stories and, of course, his high-tech crushes. Passionate about photography, he defines his blog and his Instagram world as a creative canvas. His goal? To inspire and motivate his 165,000 followers to go out and enjoy brunches, café lattes and Paris, the city he loves. Here, FAB put some key questions to this super-interesting young man.

FAB: If you were a male beauty trend, which one would you be?

Nathanyel Bensemhoune: Something that gives you a tanned complexion all year. I am a great fan of Tom Ford’s Bronzing gel cream that gives a tanned and radiant complexion thanks to its tinted liquid. It allows you to look naturally tanned without having to go to the tanning salon! Definitely a must-have all year. :)

FAB: What if you were a shaving tutorial?

N.B.: Stop cuts and ingrown hairs. I learned how to deal with it years ago, but for those who might need a little help, it’s a really well-done tutorial (video in French).

FAB: How should you wear a beard?

N.B.: Personally, I wear it cut to 3mm to always keep my face nice and airy! To get a three-day beard worthy of the name, you have to maintain it carefully and regularly, maybe even daily. The style has to be elegant to avoid a kind of neglected look – I love this tutorial by Winslegue.

FAB: If you were an Instagrammer – other than yourself – who would you be?

N.B.: I would be Adam Gallagher, without hesitation. He was one of the first bloggers to really make the leap. I’m an especially big fan of his photography skills. He travels to the four corners of the world and always takes photos more incredible than the last!

Blog: http://iamgalla.com/

FAB: What if you were a YouTube video?

N.B.: It would be a tutorial that explains how to maintain your eyebrows. Because it’s not just a woman thing! If your eyebrows meet in the middle, even for a man, it’s not a great result. Eyebrows are important because they give your face structure. It’s not very complicated to pluck them, you just have to be careful not to take too many of them out (video in French).

FAB: If you had to send a Snapchat video, what would there be on it?

N.B.: I’m not too big on Snapchat to be honest, I prefer to limit myself to Instagram, which is already not bad I think. But, otherwise, I would be a video showing my morning, or even my evening beauty routine: shaving, brushing my teeth, moisturizing my face and body, plucking my eyebrows, etc.

FAB: If you could invent an app, which one would it be?

N.B.: That’s a really good question, because I already invented two in my former professional life, four years ago. The first, which I launched in December 2013, was called Daylimiter, it was a social network kind of like Snapchat that allowed its users to post statuses, photographs and videos that stayed up for a limited amount of time, from 10 minutes to 24 hours. Private messages could also be sent, only readable for 60 seconds after they were opened. One year after the release of the app and two fundraisers later, I launched a second app, Chuck, with my associates, which reproduced the same functions as Daylimiter but with the ability to publish anonymously!