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The Top 10 Male Beauty YouTubers You Should Follow!

September 13th 2017

While YouTubers like EnjoyPhoenix and Michelle Phan are stars of the world’s of beauty and fashion, recently it’s been the boys’ turn with more and more talents dedicating their channels to male beauty and grooming. Some of these successful beauty boys have become icons all over the world: these days they spend their time perched on the front row at fashion shows or working as models for big cosmetics brands. FAB has put together a list of 10 of the most important male beauty YouTubers to help you keep on top of all the latest trends this back-to-school season.


Country: USA

Number of followers: 2.8 million

Why should you follow him? A lifestyle and personal image coach for men, Aaron Marino has more than just a few talents up his sleeve. From beauty tips to bodycare and fashion, not to mention his valuable advice on how to improve your social life, his YouTube channel aims to help you manage every part of the modern man’s day-to-day life.

His star video: Like six million other people, start off by finding out how to choose a hairstyle that best suits your face shape!

His added value: His hairstyling playlist is overflowing with simple and effective advice to help you get to know your hair type and take good care of it.

SLIKHAAR TV – Men’s Hair

Country: Denmark

Number of followers: 1.75 million

Why should you follow them? Each and every week, these Danish twins post new styling tutorials. All of the latest trends – from undercuts to platinum blond – are present and correct: absolutely no stone is left unturned! This brother duo have also opened their very own salon, the Slikhaar Studio, in their homeland.

His star video: Take a look at this video to get the same undercut style as Brad Pitt in his film “Fury”.


Country: South Korea

Number of followers: 540,000

Why should you follow him? This 25-year-old American blogger moved to Seoul, South Korea, four years ago. Ever since, he’s become one of the most well-known experts in the world of K-Beauty: from pastel hair tints to K-pop styles, Edward Avila knows everything there is to know. His easy-going, knowledgeable expertise makes his YouTube channel the perfect jumping off place into the weird and wonderful world of Asian beauty.

His star video: This clip, overflowing with his signature, quirky humor, where he unveils the secrets behind his very own looks.

His added value: He’s put together a playlist dedicated to pastel hair that is still racking up the views. Yet more proof that this vibrant trend isn’t going away anytime soon!


Country: USA

Number of followers: 374,000

Why should you follow him? Jordan O’Brien is the perfect example of masculine elegance. Although he first built his reputation with videos dedicated to fashion, this young influencer has taken his channel much further than that. An imaginative inventor of new hair and clothing styles, he’s uploaded loads of tutorials, including a special playlist containing 44 videos dedicated to helping you recreate the styles of the world’s biggest pop stars, like Zayn Malik, Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber. With videos like these, now it’s Jordan who’s starting trends!

His star video: This video, teaching you how to reproduce Zayn Malik’s famous man bun, has earned nearly 2.5 million views.

His added value: His Instagram is a great example of unique, edgy elegance. Make sure to take a look and get some inspiration.


Country: USA

Number of followers: 350,000

Why should you follow him? Because his channel has it all! Hairstyling, grooming, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, personal vlogs and even high-tech products thanks to his work as a Content Partnerships Manager with YouTube and Google! As for hairstyling, his dedicated playlist is brimming with great ideas and advice: new styles, trends, haircare and practical tips!  

His star video: His video with advice on growing your beard already has more than a million views!


Country: United Kingdom

Number of followers: 220,000

Why should you follow him? This British YouTuber likes to talk to his followers about male fashion and the latest in hairstyling trends. If you’re a sports fan, take a look at his latest playlist dedicated to footballers’ hairstyles (it’s tasteful, we promise!) His videos are ultra-professional and he often goes directly to hairdressing salons to get the latest info from the styling pros.

His star video: 3.5 million views for this quiff hairstyle video, for a guaranteed rock’n’roll look!


Country: United Kingdom

Number of followers: 135,000

Why should you follow him? This Mexican-British YouTuber is king when it comes to fast and simple tutorials, no fuss or bother guaranteed. His hairstyling playlist is perfect if you want a fast way to recreate some timeless styles without all the hard work: the Pompadour cut, bed-head hair, slicked-back hair, etc. Perfect for anyone looking for a new style who doesn’t want to spend hours on it, as well as for stylists on the hunt for new looks to suggest to their clients.

His star video: Want to change things up by going from straight to curly hair? Well now you can, and it’s easy too!


Country: France

Number of followers: 130,000

Why should you follow him? A student of Beauty Tube – an academy created by L’Oréal Paris in partnership with YouTube that aims to train up talented new YouTubers – this 21-year-old make-up artist is the rising star of France’s next generation of beauty influencers, above all thanks to his knowledge of the latest innovations in skin care!

His star video: Find out about his face masks that you have to remove using a magnet!


Country: France

Number of followers: 72,000

Why should you follow him? At the age of 32, Winslegue became famous with his first ever YouTube video: one about trimming and taking care of his beard – something that has since become something of a specialty of his. His grooming playlist has over 34 videos, and they’re all interesting and useful. With his laidback style and accessible advice, Winslegue has quickly won over the support of a large number of dedicated followers.

His star video: His advice on trimming and looking after your beard has already attracted the attention of 750,000 French YouTubers, so now it’s your turn to get on-board.


Country: Germany

Number of followers: 60,000

Why should you follow him? Sport, nutrition, fashion are all present and correct, but this channel is first and foremost about hairstyling. This German language channel is a great source of ideas and tutorials for looking after and styling long hair, something that is definitely coming back on trend!

His star video: More than half a million German followers have watched this clip to find out how to take care of their mid-length hair.