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Hair Beauty Globe-Trotter: Following Hair Trends From The Podium To The Street

October 26th 2017

Just back from Fashion Week around the world, rising New York hair star and Redken professional Emily Heser talks trends, travel tips, diversity and environmental awareness. And she tells FAB which catwalk trends we’ll soon be seeing on the streets.

Emilio Pucci - emilly heser
credit: www.emilyheser.com

FAB: How many shows did you work on this season?

Emily Heser: I did about 30 shows between New York, Milan and Paris. There were lots of early mornings and late nights. But there was also lots of fun with my peers at work, and lots of stretching myself creatively and technically as a stylist.

FAB: What were the biggest trends this season? Which ones are your favorites?  

E.H.: For so many years the hair for shows had been very simple and natural. This season was really different: the styles were much more interesting, and more difficult to execute. The common thread is that the models have more of an individual look. They have cool haircuts. There’s been more diversity in casting, more people of color, more natural hair textures.

Individuality is winning over everything. Lots of fringes, short cuts, more androgynous shapes and styles, sleek, wet looks, wild hairstyles, cool accessories. Shapes and styles are looking much stronger.

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FAB: What do you love the most about Paris as a New Yorker?

E.H.: Paris is just so cool. When you meet a Parisian there’s an inevitable talk about which city is better, New York vs Paris. But it always feels like home to me, in a similar way to New York. The biggest difference is that you see people just hanging out during the day, having a glass of wine. New Yorkers could learn something from Parisians – we work too much! We get too many takeouts! It’s such a different lifestyle, having such a great work-life balance. Sitting down and enjoying a drink, or a meal and not taking things to go. It’s better for the environment, it’s better for us mentally. There’s an air of effortless style in Paris, it’s just cool without trying – but I don’t think there’s one “French girl” look like everyone talks about.

FAB: How will the catwalk influence street style and real beauty?

E.H.: It is interesting to see how social media now makes everything accessible immediately after the show. Before, people had to wait to see what would be “in” but now it’s all at our fingertips. Big beauty brands are paying for sponsorships so they can have access to backstage, and they often put together step by steps on how to achieve the looks, and provide detailed photos and tell you where you can buy the tools. I think hair and make-up from the runway is becoming much more accessible to people everywhere.

Emily Heser - Mugler Paris SS17
credit: www.emilyheser.com

FAB: Paris tips for beauty professionals?

E.H.: My favorite place in Paris is the weekend flea market aka Les Puces, and I will do almost anything to make time for it every Fashion Week

FAB: What’s on your radar?  

E.H.: On Instagram: @cameronrussell, a model and activist; @carozucchero, a Brooklyn painter/designer; @losthairdressers, from a wide array of hairdressers;

@nayyirah.waheed, a writer/poet. I’m also a collaborator with @fearlessbeautynyc, a non-profit organisation working to empower women through careers in the beauty industry.

One of my favorite TV shows is “States of Undress” on Vice network – it goes to places like Congo and Gaza to find out why they create their home cities’ Fashion Weeks, and what they have to go through to make it happen. It’s super inspiring.

The last books that I loved were Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “Between the World and Me”, Gloria Steinem’s “My Life on the Road” and Elena Ferrante’s “The Days of Abandonment”. I also listen to lots of podcasts.

Emily Heser Etro Milan SS17.
credit: www.emilyheser.com