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The Secrets Of The Most Instagrammable Salons

October 18th 2017

Instagram sits at the center of hair and beauty trends. Just like restaurants or museums, it has become important to set up a visually friendly environment for customers, but also for hairstylists. The deal is huge: customers can generate a strong word-of-mouth thanks to an original snapshot shared on social networks, while hairstylists can see their work highlighted in a nice environment.

Design For Shareability

Many elements of a salon can be revamped for Instagram: the exterior of the building can be a gorgeous wall of fame for customers, but also for passers-by.

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Strong signs to welcome people showcase mantras and concepts that can actually be sought after by the most vivid users who are looking for the next top Instagram spots in busy cities. Even the floor of a salon is a crucial step: one of the most popular trends on Instagram is to take a photo from where we stand (hashtag: #fromwhereIstand ), from head to toe. Salon floors can therefore generate a certain hype too!

In London, Not Another Salon, “a hair salon for those bored of hair salons”, asks their customers to “get themselves on their Instagram and bury their nose into their world, or pop in in person”. In other words, this new generation of salons understood from early on that for a growing number of customers, hair is actually an opportunity to express their personalities, in an artistic manner.

Hair Salons: The Never Obsolete Creativity

Hair salons also have a tremendous advantage compared to other businesses when it comes to Instagram – haircuts, colorful hair and inspirations are actually changing everyday. If a restaurant’s Instagram hype can fall short of reality if the menu doesn’t change, the relevancy for a salon is potentially everlasting: hairstyling is visual, playful and always renewed.

Frame Hairstylists’ Work & Client Success

Salons are setting up more selfie mirrors or visual elements within the design of the salon, to take the best snaps for their clients. It’s a trend that’s not gimmicky at all, as a new hairstyle can inspire other customers, and is a great way to showcase a hairdresser’s style.

Frédéric Mennetrier, founder of Paris’s L’Atelier Blanc, has created an amazing universe on his Instagram account. Photo-bombing his customers’ selfies in an elegant way allows his salon to spread a certain vision of beauty, but also explains the values he and his team stand for, in an emotional way.

His advice to other hairstylists: there are various ways to express one’s vision on Instagram, not necessarily by taking photos of themselves or building a character but, for instance, by sharing still-life pictures or a step-by-step series, or making a series of pictures in a triptych etc.

Having Fun – Together

At the end, the whole purpose is to reinvent the relationship between a hairstylist and his or her customers. By engaging the customer in a whole new experience, the bond can be reimagined, amplified and maintained later on through private messages.

It’s a soft and subtle way to remember that hair talents are not only great technicians and skilled magicians, but also great listeners who care for the people in their hands… in the salons, and later on, on Instagram.