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La Sultane De Saba – An Invitation To Travel

July 2nd 2015

In a small sidestreet not far from Sentier, in Paris,  La Sultane de Saba spa welcomes you into its universe of soft jasmine and sandalwood scents. A calm ambiance, relaxing music, oriental fragrances that caress your senses, and a hammam fit for a queen (or rather a sultane): here the traditions of Saba have been given new life. Treatments made from prickly pear, botanical reflexology with tea extracts, and manicures with exotic fragrances, are just a taste of what is on offer. An afternoon spent here is as good as traveling the world – offering a change of scenery, right in the heart of Paris!

At the origin of the concept, you will find Vanessa Sitbon, La Sultane de Saba’s founder. Within her family, women have been passing down beauty secrets of the orient for generations. Her grandfather even managed a hammam in Fez, the imperial city of Morocco. Creams, ointments and oils… In her Parisian spa, she has breathed new life into her ancestral traditions. Like a true invitation to travel, the name of the spa is a reference to the beautiful queen of Saba who, in the olden days, traveled through faraway lands, laden with ointments and perfumes.

There are now four La Sultane de Saba spas, in and around Paris, offering a unique range of treatments from a number of destinations: the Orient, the Road of Spices, Japan, the islands, Malaysia. The masseuses and beauticians are all trained in the prestigious art of oriental waxing, and in hammam rituals. They have also qualified from the renowned, WAT PHO school,  in Bangkok, Thailand, where they learn various massage techniques. Japanese massages, in particular, stimulate energy blockages and harmonize the body through the manipulation of certain meridians: a realignment of our yin and yang. Ayurvedic massages are practiced according to a very specific protocol of alternating rhythms of rubbing, pressing and kneading – an art often practiced in oriental traditions.

Recharge your batteries on the beaches of Bali without ever leaving Paris, a dream come true !


sultane de saba spa
Photo credits ©La Sultane de Saba