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Salons as Boudoirs

July 2nd 2015

Being intimate places, salon-apartments offer a whole new hairstyling experience. Offering a calm, warm atmosphere provided by those adept at customization.

Just like in a cocoon

Her Parisian pied à terre  is almost empty after she transferred part of her personal belongings to her salon on Rue du Mont-Thabor, not far from the Tuileries. Sarah Guetta, who has been styling the hair of movie stars on set for 20 years, has thrown her entire soul into designing her first address, to make it like an extension of her own home. “I wanted to create a concept where clients have their own space and feel like they are in a cocoon,” she explains. Her 115 m2 salon is divided into four carefully decorated realms. Tan leather and photos from the 1950s for the men’s area, dolls heads that can be used for hairdressing, and Charlie Chaplin films for the children’s area, a boudoir atmosphere for the ladies, and an indoor theater style for private clients. There is no storefront facing the street here. Access to the salon is via a courtyard, and Sarah Guetta has developed a place where celebrities and unknown people cross paths in a very natural manner, over coffee or refreshments.

The hairstyling apartment

Cultivating an intimate and cheerful atmosphere, by setting up in a “confidential” location with a personalized setting,  is the aim of a handful of professionals. At 36, David Lucas, who was trained at René Furterer, has created his “hairstyling apartment” named “En aparté” on the third floor of a Haussmannian-style building on rue Danièle Casanova in Paris, close to l’Opéra. Golden parquet flooring, a carved fireplace, and art objects found by the bargain-hunter himself: everything here exudes low-key elegance. There isn’t any risk of clients being spotted by passersby with their heads in foils! The rooms of the apartment have been transformed into a waiting room, which is adjacent to a landscaped terrace, the actual hairstyling salon where natural light filters in through huge windows, a color room and shampooing room, offering the perfect place for clients to be pampered in private.

Sophistication, the indispensable ingredient

A pioneer of non-standardization, the Italian, Rossano Ferretti (20 salons worldwide), has mastered the art of hunting for addresses that embrace the spirit of a city. In Rome, an intimate apartment somewhere around the Spanish Steps has sofas inviting you to relax. In London, it’s a Victorian house in Mayfair, and in New York, it’s an Art Deco building. Every salon offers a unique setting, where Rossano Ferretti displays fine Italian objects, such as the Murano chandelier from the 1930s, which hangs in the salon-apartment on rue de Cambon, in Paris. “The sophistication of the place,” he said, “is part of the experience that I want to offer.”

Making salons home to clients is an approach shared by Delphine Courteille, a famous studio hairstylist. Before Sarah Guetta, she had invested in a place at the back of a courtyard on rue du Mont Thabor, creating a haven of peace, where silence (no music playing), dim lights, and cascading plants, helped clients to unwind. She designed the setting herself, mixing baroque with a more contemporary style to give a chic and feminine feel. Delphine Courteille also shares her passion for photography with her clients, offering them art books to read.

“What can be more beautiful than white when speaking about color?”

With worn floorboards and vintage furniture, unified in one simple color, Frédéric Mennetrier cultivates the spirit of craftsmanship in his “Atelier Blanc” on rue Mayran, in Paris, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the major boulevards. “What can be more beautiful than white when speaking of color?” asks the renowned colorist. His small, spotless setting, the antithesis of a traditional hair salon, attracts clients looking for tailor-made services.

There are so many “secret” addresses, that have been shared by word of mouth, offering the luxury of a discrete and serene, self-indulgent break from the daily routine.

David Lucas Paris
Photo credits ©David Lucas Paris
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Photo credits ©David Lucas Paris