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Decoding: Michelle Obama’s Hairstyle

October 21st 2015

From the very stark hairstyle she used to rock during her lawyer days, to her long straight bob, without forgetting the teased bun and the bang, FAB Beauty decodes the changes in Michelle Obama’s hairstyle. 

FAB Beauty brings to you: « First Ladies Hair », a series of webisodes that trace back the hairstyles of several First Ladies around the world. Put back in their socio-political context, the evolution of hairstyles tells us the story of the women who wear them and gives us clues on the evolution of trends such as different customs from a country to another.

Even if now, at 51 years old, Michelle Obama, the African-American First lady is considered as the most elegant First Lady in the American History, in a close-tie with Jackie Kennedy; it wasn’t always the case. Before 2008, which was Barack Obama’s first nomination as the President, Michelle Obama was a brilliant lawyer who had a fashion and hair style that was perceived as very stark. Her encounter with Johnny Wright, the hairstylist from Chicago, will change everything. Flashback on these years of capillary evolution that tell us a small part of the White House’s story.

Video Crédits ©Gedeon Programmes