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Decoding: Kate Middleton’s Hairstyle

November 5th 2015

Following protocol, the Duchess of Cambridge always has an impeccable outfit and hair in any circumstances, sometimes with a few slight changes in style. During official ceremonies or following the birth of royal babies, FAB Beauty breaks down Kate Middleton’s different hairstyles.

FAB Beauty brings to you: « First Ladies Hair », a series of webisodes that trace back the hairstyles of several First Ladies around the world. Put back in their socio-political context, the evolution of hairstyles tells us the story of the women who wear them and gives us clues on the evolution of trends such as different customs from a country to another.

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, known as Kate Middleton, was born in a city in southern England in 1982. During her university studies at St. Andrews, she met Prince Williams in 2001. As soon as they married in 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen Consort of England follows protocol to the tee. To attend official meetings and ceremonies, Kate Middleton wears gowns, hats and hairstyles that meet the strict requirements of Buckingham Palace. With long, slightly curled hair behind the shoulders, or more recently with bangs, Kate entrusts her hair to Amanda Cook Tucker so she can carry on the traditions of the Royal Family.

Video Credits ©Gedeon Programmes