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Decoding: The Hairstyle Of Letizia, Queen Of Spain

December 10th 2015

Former journalist Letizia Ortiz became Letizia, Princess of Asturias when she married Prince Felipe. Switching Spanish public television sets for the world stage, she has gradually found herself, and her hairstyle shows it. Here’s FAB Beauty’s breakdown of the look.

FAB Beauty brings to you: “First Ladies Hair”, a series of webisodes looking at the hairstyles of First Ladies around the world. Put into their socio-political context, the evolution of these hairstyles tells us the story of the women who wear them and gives us a look into the way trends and customs evolve from country to country. Following Michelle Obama in the US and Kate Middleton in England, FAB Beauty now retraces modern Spanish history.


Both elegant and radiant, Letizia Ortiz’s face was already well known to the Spanish public due to her career as a journalist and presenter on TVE (Spanish public television). Since 2004, it has been adorned with the Crown of Spain following her marriage to Felipe de Borbon. From señorita to Her Royal Highness Princess of Asturias, and most recently, Her Majesty, the Queen of Spain, Letizia has become a discreet, attentive wife to the ascendant to the Spanish throne, all while cultivating her style and hair. From long, blonde hair in an asymmetrical bob cut to tight chignons, the 44-year-old has taken on many changes with style and grace.

Video Credits ©Gedeon Programmes