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Hairstyling The World: A Stop In Mumbai With Darren Fowler

January 8th 2016

The designer of hairdressing, Darren Fowler wanders around the streets of Mumbai, India’s largest city, to discover the artistic and brand new trends of a country with a professional beauty market in full swing. This hairdressing enthusiast also shares his expertise with future hairdressing artistic directors in India, empowering them through education.

Darren has been a hairdresser for over 20 years now. Actually, we can say that he has now become more than an artistic director, he is a hairdressing designer. Between his salon, shootings and other shows Darren Fowler finds time to teach cutting and styling techniques across the globe.
“I have been working with L’Oréal Professionnel for nearly 10 years now. Together we develop the market and we try to expand the capabilities and dexterity of hairdressers where we go” says the professional, who still is passionate about his job. South America, Australia, Europe, that day Darren is in Mumbai, India. His schedule is loaded: after visiting a beauty salon, he will go to a barber shop before heading to an afternoon class, in which sharing knowledge and technics will be the key. FAB Beauty updates us on this day full of meetings and teaching.

FAB Beauty : What are the differences between Mumbai and London?

Darren Fowler: With regards to the actual passion of what we do here in London and the passion of how people perform in India, I don’t think there is any difference. I think people still have the same passion for the industry. Maybe the difference is just that the required education and knowledge wasn’t available for them in the past. But now, they are really starting to come to their own, and the access to education that they have are helping them to be better trained. I think that now, and in the next few years Indians are and will make a mark in the worldwide platform of hairdressing.

FAB Beauty : Are there any specific hairstyles in India?

Darren Fowler: Yes, they are relative to their market. They have more constraints in India with regards to their religion and values, especially women. But compared to big cities they stay quite classic. However, they still have an artistic community that wants to have some kind of real “on the edge” feeling to its look. Creativity is allowed there as well!

FAB Beauty : Are beards and moustaches important in India?

Darren Fowler: There has always been a big trend there for the moustache and I think a male grooming phenomenon is starting. Grooming is becoming big as time goes on, in the world generally. I think just now and maybe in a few years as male grooming is starting to progress, everybody will realize it is a big part of the industry.

FAB Beauty : After living such an interesting experience in Mumbai, did you come back to London with technics and hairstyles that you want to try out?

Darren Fowler: India always inspires me on every level. It hits every sense of the body, from the visual aspect, to the sound, to the smell, and that is what I tend to take away from India. Actually, I want to take away a little bit of everything from this country, to use it when I’m creating for fashion shows. The energy that India gives me while I’m there, is also what I try to take home.