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Anja Rubik: The New Kérastase Muse Presents “L’Incroyable Blowdry”

February 15th 2016

Anja Rubik is perhaps best known to the world as the tall, long-legged, blonde, Polish supermodel who has stalked the runways, fronted countless campaigns and been on the cover of Vogue many times. To the fashion and beauty worlds, she’s an absolute icon — a model who has maintained a decidedly upscale image. She’s also the editor-in-chief of 25, an art-meets-fashion themed annual print magazine and the creator of a debut scent, Original by Anja Rubik. FAB caught up with the multi-talented Rubik of a revealing interview, to talk Kérastase and “L’Incroyable Blowdry” a transformational photo series and collection of 10 images depicting dynamic hairstyles made by Luigi Murenu bringing to life the new L’Incroyable product (a ‘reshapeable heat lotion’, the product evidently prolongs the look of your blowdry by providing shapeability without the stiffness) – beauty, artistic collaboration and fragrance.

When did you first start using Kérastase?

I started using Kérastase many years ago. Someone backstage at a show recommended the brand to me and said that the shampoo and conditioner would be great for my hair – I’ve been addicted to it ever since.

What values do you and the brand share?

For many many years, I’ve been faithful to Kérastase products. There is a real unique, luxurious quality to the brand which I gravitate towards and I love that there is a transformative element with the products.

How do you like the L’Incroyable Blowdry product?

I love the product because it has a way of making my hair feel thicker and fuller while keeping the style and making it stiff or wiry.

What was your reaction the first time Luigi Murenu styled it?

Luigi’s the Sardinian-born hair master adept at creating electric-shock frizz and woven bunches as he is at delivering classically pretty, voluminous waves. Earning his stripes as an editorial stylist, Murenu quickly collected a celeb roster that includes Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the reigning queen of effortlessly cool everything, Kate Moss.

I loved how my hair felt bouncy and very natural, yet beautifully styled at the same time – I could still run my fingers through it, which is important.

The ‘L’Incroyable’ looks play on the notion that women no longer have to be just one type of person every single day. Do you think it’s a liberating concept?

For me, it’s important to grow and constantly change and evolve. In fashion, you have different seasons and trends. It’s great to be able to mix it up with your own personal style and mood. You can go sleeker at night or more rock ’n’ roll during the day. This definitely resonates with the modern woman. It’s liberating to be whomever you want and continuously reinvent yourself.

Which ‘L’Incroyable’ look do you most identify with?

“La Rebelle” because it’s a cool rock ’n’ roll vibe which really embodies my personal style. I also loved the fringe bangs.

La Rebelle, hairstyle by Luigi Murenu, Photo Credits @kerastase
La Rebelle, hairstyle by Luigi Murenu, Photo Credits @Kérastase

Can you give us some examples of where you would wear the different “L’Incroyable” looks?

I would wear “L’Intemporelle” or “La Sensuelle” to a special event. I like the elegance and modernity of those styles.

L'Intemporelle, hairstyle by Luigi Murenu
L’Intemporelle, hairstyle by Luigi Murenu, Photo Credits @Kérastase
La Sensuelle, coiffure réalisé par Luigi Murenu
La Sensuelle, hairstyle by Luigi Murenu, Photo Credits @Kérastase

You took part in every single aspect of creating your own fragrance “Original.” We heard that you were also collaborative on the Visions of Style set and that you sometimes style yourself. Which outfits did you choose and why?

Yes, I was involved in every step of the way creating my fragrance “Original”, from developing the scent, to designing the bottle and working on the vision for the campaign. I wanted to create something new and unique, something bold yet delicate, that represents the modern woman. I had really strong inspirations – lilies are the main part of the fragrance because I wanted it to be floral but sensual. Robert Mapplethorpe’s black and white photographs of lilies were an inspiration.

Melanie Ward who styled the Kérastase shoot is a close friend of mine. It was really fun and comfortable to be on set with her an play with the outfits and choose looks. We actually ended up using one of my personal pieces for a shot – a leather jacket. We wanted the vibe to feel really modern, strong and sexy. I think we definitely achieved that and I was glad I got to add my personal touch.

What was your favorite moment on set?

Seeing myself transform into different women and exploring myself through these different personalities and looks. It was such a pleasure to work with Luigi who’s been my good friend for many years.

What role does hair play in achieving ‘beauty’?

Hair frames the face and can completely change a look. It’s an extension of your style and expression of yourself. It can be really empowering and liberating to change your look and transform yourself, experiment with how you feel and your current state of mind.

For a special occasion how do you love to style your hair?

Sometimes I put it up in a topknot and have it sleek with a bold red lip. Other times, I like it to be more playful and loose with lots of texture and movement.

What’s the craziest look you’ve ever tried with your hair?

Chopping my hair off was one of the best decisions I made. At first, I was nervous to do it, but it felt really liberating and I really loved it, so no regrets. Then I grew my hair out again because I felt like changing it up. It’s important to constantly reinvent your look to shake things up.

  • La Bohème, hairstyle by Luigi Murenu, Photo Credits @Kérastase
  • La Romantique, hairstyle by Luigi Murenu, Photo Credits @Kérastase
  • L'ambitieuse, hairstyle by Luigi Murenu, Photo Credits @Kérastase
  • L'impulsive, hairstyle by Luigi Murenu, Photo Credits @Kérastase
  • La Flamboyante, hairstyle by Luigi Murenu, Photo Credits @Kérastase